Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty: America Weeps

What?  My daughter's dead. Noooooooooo... I didn't do it.
Hey there.  I'll admit that I haven't been as captivated by this case as much as I should have been.  As a matter of fact, I first heard about the case from my wife, when she decided to purchase a magazine with Casey on the cover.  I naturally asked her who's that and she explained the case to me.  I then asked if she was famous since she was on the magazine, she said no.  With that right there... I should have known that this was big.  Since then, I started asking my wife to fill me in on the court proceedings, since my wife has the luxury to watch it at home.  Night after night, the evidence compiled against Casey made it seem like she was going to be found guilty for murdering her daughter.  I was curious to see if they would give her the death penalty and even the "experts" on TV were saying that anything but the death sentence would be a victory for Casey.  The "experts" were saying she was as good as guilty.  Then... the American Justice system did what it does best.  It set this child murdering woman free.  That's right, the jury found Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY!

I don't think I need to go into details of the case, you can find that anywhere with a quick Google search, but what I am going to give you my emotions towards her and this judicial system that I am forced to abide by.  Look, the woman is a proven liar.  Hell, the jury found her GUILTY for give false information to the police in regards to her daughter's disappearance.  FALSE INFORMATION!  If my kid goes missing, I would be on it and cooperate with the police in order to find my kid fast.  Why would she give false information to police?  What is she trying to hide?  This is not merely a character flaw, this is obstruction of justice!  I find it extremely ridiculous that the jury can find her guilty of providing false information yet not convict her in playing a part of the child's death.  It's like finding someone guilty for issuing false checks but not finding them guilty of fraud.  It's absurd!

Caylee Anthony
And the justice system... wow... C'mon guys.  I understand the whole "innocent until proven guilty" but c'mon!  Do we need to revisit what guilty means?  I wasn't on the jury but by all the evidence that I saw, I would have definitely have blamed Casey for her daughter's death.  Even though a good chuck of the evidence was circumstantial, but when you have a background of partying hard, lying, neglecting your child, and being selfish, what more do you do need to say, "Hey! this person is shady."  Blood in the car, the smell of death that she claimed was "trash", the searches for chloroform, the death of her pets...  I mean, unless the defendant was a rodent exterminator that loved their job to death... I would say that something is not right.

I'm extremely disappointed in our law system.  I feel that not only I weep for Caylee Anthony, but America weeps as well.  I don't like to wish ill will on people but Casey better hope that he judge will lock her away for a few years.   The last time something like this happened where the American people were not happy with a verdict, riots and "vigilante justice" ensued.  Let's just hope that by the time you get out of prison, millions of Americans will have LESS hatred towards you and will spare you from harm.  Later.


Hey there Pete. I couldn't believe that they didn't find her guilty. It's just crazy to me.

Well said husband. Geez, people get their kids taken away for a smack when they get out of control but a mother can neglect her child to party without any consequences? Ugh!

This made me so upset. I just could not believe that the jury allowed this woman to walk away free. I am actually ill over this verdict. I think the world feels nearly the same as with happened with the Simpson trial. There is no way a mother did not know where her child was for 31 days without notifying the police. I just cannot believe it. There is never any justice for the victims of these crimes. What does it say for our justice system? About those jurors. Now, the mother will walk away and become a millionaire because people will buy whatever bullcrap she put out there. I hope people remember this. And not make her wealthy at the expense of little Caylee. 

Hey there AIDY,

You're not alone. I'm still a little upset about it and this woman will have a straight to movie made, she will have a book deal, and she will have TV appearances that will net her millions. The defense team celebrating at a bar afterwards was disgusting and I have yet to hear anyone ask, "If Casey didn't do it, then who did?". That just tells me that even they may have known that Casey did it.
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she still has to answer to God for the killing.

Hey there Michael,

In the end, his judgment is the only one that matters.
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