Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smiling Ice Cream

Hey there. Have you guys seen anything like it? lol I went out to get my wife some rainbow sherbet earlier in the day. I just opened the container and look at what I see. The ice scream so happened to be waiting there, smiling at me. Is that crazy or what? lol I compared experience to that of those that see Jesus in a tree or the Virgin Mary in a tortilla. lol My wife suggested that it was the baby smiling because at me because I got the ice cream that he craved. What do you think? What this merely coincidence that it's smiling? Or maybe, divine intervention? Maybe it was worker intervention and thought that it would be a trip to surprise a consumer with a smile. lol Either way, we thought it was hilarious. lol

Oh... This just dawned on me... Maybe it's my pops, smiling down on us knowing that a little one is on the way. You never know, crazy things have happened here before. Like Odin, our dog, mysteriously appearing in the house after locking him outside or the Corona bottle that opened on it's own... Could be... Hmmmm... Interesting. Later.


It's the bebe, absolutely!

I say its your Pops. He wants you to know he's still around. Little things happen here too and I know its my Nana, keeping tabs on me, all these many years gone by...she's still with me, and that puts a smile in MY sherbert ice cream...

Oh, this is great! I collect pictures of food that looks like stuff. I haven't found one in a long time, so it was nice to see this. Smile on!

thats freaky isnt it, but rather cool and intruiging too. i know its some sort of sign or message .... :0

lol that is cool I say that you were meant to have that particular carton of ice cream

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