Monday, June 23, 2008


Hey there. Man, was it scorching hot over here on the west coast. Temperatures this weekend was well into the 90 degree mark. Ugh, summer is official here. I spent most of the weekend fixing computers. I handled 2 this weekend, working on a third, and another in the trunk of my car. While going through my software, I pulled out this blast from my past.

I love me some Wolfenstein. I used to spend hours kicking some Nazi ass and loaded this baby up on my comp and started blasting away. I forgot the controls so I spent some time messing with the buttons and mouse so that I can get a feel for the game again. I can't wait til I start getting to the good stuffs like the Uber-solders and what not. I remember having a tough time taking one out late in the game, where you're one on one in a small room with a super soldier and it's just plain ol' ass kicking time. Good times, good times.

Til I come cross another oldie but goodie, Later.


Damn! I still can remember this game! I love playing it back then.. :D I know I liked the graphic back then but I think I'll be disappointed if I want to play the game again, I mean we have seen Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and THAT'S a GREAT game with lovely graphics, right?! :D

Hey there. Call of Duty is way far and beyond Wolfenstein. It's definitely one of the best WWII series out there too. Graphic wise, it's like comparing the playstation graphics to the PS3 graphics. You just can't do that. lol I was handling this yesterday and realized it's more for memory value than anything else. Same reason millions go back to replay FF7... To go back and reminisce.

Wolfenstein was badass. I have lost many of nights playing that game online.

Did you ever play Tribes? The first one has too be one of my favorite online shooters.

Do you remember clan NYX? We won Cal Season 2 in rtcw. I was nyX-AK - ring any bells?

Didn't try tribes. I probably will, just for the fuck of it. As for RTCW multiplayer... I was never any good to be in a clan, so I was usually playing on random servers with random people and shit. I always played under "Metallman", or "Creeping Death". You guys wanna go waaaaaaay back?? Any one play Counterstrike? lol

Man, when I need to kill some time I still jump onto Counterstrike or Counterstrike: Source. Both have passed the test of time.

I'm down with some Counterstrike. I'll be looking for you one of these days. lol

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