Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thoughts on... The Duggars Expecting Their 20th Child

Hey there.  Many years ago, the world was introduced to the Duggar family.  TLC first brought them to the limelight with their spectacular show, 16 and Counting (I think...).  Since then, the Duggars have welcomed a few more additions to their family and have even welcomed a grandchild.  All showcased on TLC for the world to hear.  Today, the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appeared on NBC's Today Show and announced that they are now expecting their 20th child.  WOW!!!

If you guys have not seen any of the Duggar family shows on TLC, it is definitely insightful.  With kids ranging from teenagers to toddlers, it's amazing how they can keep their family in order.  My family of six could never be as organized as the Duggar family!!!  They all have schedules, chores, and this crazy, ceiling to floor schedule plan that will would make any professional organizer cringe.  But that's not what is surprising me about today's announcement.  The fact that they are having another baby is.

You see, the latest addition to the Duggar family was born premature.  Michelle had some complications and she and the baby were at risk.  I understand that Jim Bob and Michelle do not believe in contraceptives and I understand that they have decided to live under the motto of, "There's always room for one more" but there has to be a point where the well being of both mother and child should be taken account.  Both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are in their late 40s and considering the scare that she had with her last pregnancy, I worry about them.
I wonder if they'll allow non-family auditions for their orchestra
You know, during the time that my wife was out of commission, things got out of hand at home.  Dinner wasn't always great, the cleaning wasn't as crisp, the laundry pilled up, and the house was just missing that "wifey" touch.  The kids and I just couldn't manage what Mom manages on her own. Now multiply that by a kajillion.  That's probably what Michelle has to manage.  God forbid that something happen to that woman because I don't know if Jim Bob can manage their system without the rock that is Michelle.

I'm happy for the Duggar family.  Babies always brighten homes and the Duggars are fortunate to be able to experience that 19 times already, but it's tough to care of kids when you spend more than half the year pregnant.  Best of luck, Jim Bob and Michelle, and I hope that no more complications come your way.  Later!


  1. Wow. I'm a fan of the show, and of the family, but #20 is really worrisome. They should seriously rethink their position about contraceptives if conceiving is so easy for them. 

    Michelle has been pregnant 20 times, her body cannot possibly be as strong as any other average woman her age. 

  2. Hey there Vera. Yeah, her body must be on the weak side and you know what my wife just told me about Michelle and the kids. She uses a 'buddy sytstem' to help raise her kids! She pairs the kids up so that the older ones are paired with younger ones and they help raise them. Michelle simply can't do it alone and she has her kids doing some parenting instead of being kids.

  3. It's good training for the older kids, but yes, makes you wonder if they've already had all the childhood they could get. 

  4. I truly think that this is repulsive that they keep having children. Well, to each there own. But she just has to stop. Her poor body, I imagine is worn by now. 

  5. Holy crap!! All I want to know is how do they afford all of them?

  6. Hey there AIDY.  I would be more concern with how she could possibly divide her parenting attention between so many kids.  I'm sure that a few of them will end up being resentful for the childhood that they had.


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