Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jenn: Our Monster Hunter Tri Winner

Hey there.  Check out this pic that I recently received from my latest winner, Jenn!
Thanks Jenn!  You definitely rock on this site since you have entered nearly every game giveaway I've had and have come close to winning on several occasions!  Though I do wonder if you walk around with a single sock every day.  lol  I kid, I kid!  Jenn is also the awesome person that searches through Amazon to find the best deals and posts them on her site.  Head on over to The Amazon Addiction and check out the latest in Amazon steals!  Jenn also has a risque side and showcases that adventurous nature on Sleeping In the Wetspot.  Her reviews, recommendations, and experiences with adult entertainment is a great read and very informative stuff for those of you looking to venture into the wild side.

Thanks for the picture, Jenn, and hope you'll stick around for the next game giveaway!  Later!

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  1. You are too kind Metallman. Thanks for creating a blog with interesting, must-read posts and for offering giveaways for us video game junkies! You are awesome.


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