Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunshyn: Our Batman Arkham Asylum Winner

Hey there.  Check out this pic that I recently received from our recent winner, Sunshyn!
Thanks, Sunshyn!  Your name has become a regular on my giveaways and I'm glad you get to partner up with the Dark Knight and kick some Joker butt!  Congrats once again!  Sunshyn also makes this awesome chainmail jewelry that she sells on her online stores.  You can check out or their online store, Chainmail & More to check out her wide selection.  I may be wrong, but it looks like she may be displaying one of her pieces around her neck.  Looks pretty awesome to me!  

Thanks for the picture, Sunshyn!  Hope to see you around for future giveaways.  Later!

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  1. Thanks so much Metallman! You're right, the necklace I'm wearing there is one of the designs I handcraft for sale on my site.

    This Arkham Asylum looks like it'll be a blast. I'm rushing through my current game so I can start it.


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