Monday, November 21, 2011

My Blind Eyes Define My Look

Glasses?  What glasses?
Hey there.  I wear glasses.  As far I can remember, I've worn glasses.  If I had to put a time frame as to when I got them, I would probably say I got them somewhere around kindergarten so I've worn specs for most of my life.  And you know what, I don't mind a single bit.  I love my glasses.  I like how I look.  Sure, I got the whole "four eyes" thing as a child, but let's be real here, kids can be cruel and there's always going to be that one jerk that will pic on the kid with glasses.  The thing is to encourage a positive attitude and to create an identity.  At an early age, I learned that my eyesight was not the best that I would wear eyeglasses for life.  And you know what, I'm completely fine with it.

My wife, from time to time, has asked that I look into contacts or maybe even eye corrective surgery.  I don't know about that.  If I were to go through with it, it's almost as if I'm hiding a part of my identity.  I'm a little bit of a geek, a little bit of a nerd, and what's a geek without glasses?  lol  Back then, my family would spend a fortune on glasses.  There just weren't many options and anything that looked good would cost a pretty penny. For quite a few years I sported these big, square lenses that were not at all fashionable.  Not unlike today's wide range of frames and lenses.  You can easily grab an awesome pair from a place like Zinni Optical and pay just a few bucks.  It was tough being a kid with glasses because, well... you're a kid!  lol  I broke my glasses almost every year while playing sports or horsing around.  It's what boys do!  lol

Now a days, having glasses is a fashion statement.  I'll see celebrities on TV with frames with no lenses!  lol  Whether they're in style or not, I care not.  I feel naked without my glasses.  I I'll always wear glasses and you know what else?  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Later!

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