Friday, November 11, 2011

Metallman's Reverie: Blog Income and Traffic October 2011

Hey there.  October is in the the books and it's time to report on how well on (or off) pace we are in reaching my $2500 goal for the year. Let's take a look at the numbers:

SocialSpark - $50.00
SponsoredTweets - $30.02
Dad Central - $100.00
Blogsvertise - $10.00
Dragonblogger - $10.00
Mylikes - $1.99
Total for October - $202.01
YTD Total - $2317.39 (+$234.06 ahead of pace)
Not one of my best month's but nevertheless a positive one.  Let's take a look at the breakdown.

SocialSpark has seen some increased activity.  Opportunities have come in and I wonder if it has any thing to do with their IPO or the grand opening of the Los Angeles office.  Either way, I'm glad to see that Izea's SocialSpark is more active!

SponsoredTweets have provided a steady flow of tweets to send out so no new developments here.  I am glad that I have earned a few referrals (maybe it's these posts) and I'm glad for that!

Dad Central/Mom Central has clearly paved the way for some good earnings (and family fun).  I've done a few reviews/experiences with them and they continue to get better and better.  Be on the lookout for the most recent review for Dad Central by next week!

Blogsvertise has been slow.  I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it anymore.  I find myself continuing to decline offers since I've gone to move my blog from a sponsored heavy posting site to a more well integrated site of all things.  I think that it's going well so far and I simply do not see Blogsvertise fitting into my new mold.  They do have a new Facebook app that should be rolling out soon.  I don't know how much more of a difference it will make but I'll stick around a little while longer to see that come to fruition. is a great site that I am glad to be a part of.  I still submit articles from time to time but I need to dedicate some time to my followers there.  The $10 received was from a single post and you should be able to spot that, and other articles that I have written there.

Mylikes earnings have also diminished.  I see that they are doing a few tweeks and structural changes to the layout and earnings module, I still find myself sending out a few tweets a month.  Again, I go back to being a more personalized online entity as opposed to a sponsored heavy entity.

Now that I'm sharing my traffic report as well, I figure that I should add whether or not I've done better or worse than the previous month.  That's where the numbers in green and red come in to play.  I had a pretty bad traffic month in September and I'm still recovering from my mid October recovery.  I did manage to increase my pageviews and visits, but I would love to bring that bounce rate lower.  It increased slightly since the last month.  Hmmm...  I'm also noticing that the chart looks like a sick roller coaster.  lol  I have a strong feeling that those dips are occurring during the weekend.  I'll have to find a way to remedy that.  Either way, I'm happy with how the site is turning out so it's no big deal.

So there you have it, friends.  How did you guys do during the month of October?  Later!


  1. I wish I could submit numbers like that.  I've been doing Sponsored Tweets and recently signed up for Blogvertise (received my first assignment today as a matter of fact).  I have advertisers on my site whose affiliate programs I have joined, but aside from a few clicks now and then - they aren't making me any money at all, which I don't understand - well, I do - I totally understand the economy is in the toilet and people just don't have it to spend.  But I never post an advertiser that I have not done business with personally or stand behind 100%, so I would hope that when folks decide they want to purchase something they would check my site and see what my affiliates have for them...I also need to get out there and start networking again - HARD.  I let TMWW go for quite a few months and only posted sporadically - I am working towards blogging more actively about things that MEAN something to me - not just your usual mom took some cute pictures post (although there will be those as well LOL).  I am working on one such article now that I'm hoping will spur our local news into action to do an investigative report.

  2. Thanks, Justin.  Ever since I started paying for the Pro status, it's made a difference.  It would take forever to get opportunities before but now a steady stream comes in every few days.

  3. PR3 is awesome, Jenn!   Keep it up!  I'm hoping that I'm contributing to that PR bump in some small way!  lol

  4. Sounds intriguing, Kim!  I definitely want to check out this investigation inducing post!  Let me know once that's up!  As for affiliate stuffs, it's difficult to get a good stream of income from referrals or affiliates.  Well, at least it is for me.  I don't have much in referrals in anything and I did find myself posting about some pretty random stuff.  I haven't done the network thing as well as I did before so I'm with you on that.  I need to work on it.

    On a side note, I would love a new blog design to go with the new year.  Email me so we can discuss!!!  Thanks.

  5. For someone who doesn't have a job (that pays money anyway!) I have been uncharacteristically busy busy busy these past three months. I think one of my big issues is that I'm not "in" the right areas for making money or getting extra exposure to my blog.  It is hard for me to lump myself into one or two categories because I write about so many different things - my mood shifts just like the wind and what I write about one day I may think is completely irrelevant a week later - do you know what I mean?  I read all the "drive more traffic to your blog" articles that I come across - but I'm not in the business of trying to get people to buy anything from me - I just want them to read and comment LOL!

    As for the blog designing - I'll email you about all of THAT cough cough.  LOL!

  6. Nice, I think I'll have to figure out how to get my stats up and running since I don't pay attention to them.

  7. Congrats dude, you have some really good sponsored tweets income, much more than I get from them.  

  8. First of all, congrats on your impressive numbers and awesomeness! Still contemplating on how I want to montenize my site. You and @Justin Germino are brilliant at it. Maybe one day soon :) Again, congrats on your continued success. 


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