Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Petition to Remove The Kardashians From Your TV

I don't think this pose is kid friendly, Kim.
Hey there.  I have quite a bit of disdain for the Kardashian clan.  I just feel as if they are known to the world because of a sex tape.  Kim started the movement, then her family jumped on her coattails and now I see them as a fake family on TV that claims to be real.  I simply don't buy it and I don't like it.  I don't buy into the Kardashian brand but the sad part is that many people do.  Actually... millions do.  Whether it be one of the many Kim K products or Kloe's fragrance with Lamar Odom (Oh Lamar... what have you done...), I just don't see how the mainstream media accepts these people.  And it's happening more and more.  With "hit" shows like The Jersey Shore, 16 and pregnant, and countless other "reality" shows, no name people are making it big because they are portrayed as idiots or because we are waiting for a train wreck to happen.  Don't get me wrong, I like a good wreck here and there, but what happened to the days where talented people filled our air ways?  The days of acting and game shows?  I don't want to see the day to day lives of "celebrities".  If anything, make it a TV special, not a TV series.  I believe that it's time to take our TV back!  And it seems that I'm not the only one that believes this since there is now a petition out there that you can sign to help remove the Kardashian clan from our television sets!

I know that I am in the minority here.  The wife loves the show, well... let's just say she watches it.  She watches most of the reality shows on MTV and E! and what not.  I don't blame her.  Hell, I'll even sit and watch them with her sometimes.  Again, it's a train wreck waiting to happen, and like I mentioned above, I like my train wrecks, but I would prefer if they were premeditated (by TV, of course).  If I'm watching Cops, I know someone is going to get busted.  If I'm watching World's Dumbest Criminals, I know I'm in for some criminal stupidity.  But what am I to expect from a "reality" show like this?  Some crying?  Some fighting?  Some make believe rift between characters (because let's face it folks, that's what they are) that will ultimately be resolved and all will be well?  Maybe it's just me, but I simply do not care what they do.  I don't see much in entertainment value in their TV show.

If you want to "keep up" with a Kardashian, follow them on Twitter or something.  Just don't over hype and over expose people and label them as celebrities.  I'm all for catching a lucky break and getting a chance to be on TV.  My problem is that you are on TV and you should be entertaining.  I may sound like I'm picking on the Kardashians, but this goes for all the so called reality shows like theirs.  Even The Osbournes made Ozzy look like an idiot.  I dont' need Kloe trying to sell me weight loss products, I don't need The Situation trying to sell me some workout video, I don't need to see Snooki Halloween costumes.

But going back to the Kardashians, I'm sure you've heard or read that Kim decided to put her "fairy tale" wedding on TV.  She received a lot of crap for it.  She just met the guy, she accepted his proposal and they are airing it on TV.  Does this sound like someone that is doing something for their TV show?  There is only so much you can do on a daily basis that you can air on TV.  No body's life is that exciting (except The Most Interesting Man in the World) that it would merit a full season of TV.  So it's extremely plausible that she may have had TV ratings on her mind when she decided to get married.  After one of the shortest marriages in "celebrity" history, Kim is getting a divorce.  Go figure.  Now the internet, the media, and everyone and their momma's are on Kim for mocking the sanctity of marriage, and I don't blame them.
Coming soon on E!
Pretty faces are everywhere in Hollywood.  The problem is that every one is not a star.  I strongly feel that Kim got a break because of her looks.  If that's the case, then showcase her looks.  Put her in videos, in magazines, and keep her as nothing more than a pretty face.  Don't put her in acting roles because the woman can't act.  You know what happens to actors that can't act (besides Keanu Reeves)?  They don't get to be in movies.  I don't see why we continue to give passes to these so called reality TV stars.

I mentioned a petition to get the Kardashian show off of TV.  I purposely added the link on the bottom of this post.  I figured that swarms of people would click the link and not bother reading my post.  At least this way, I know you read it.  lol  Thanks.  Now, you can sign the petition here.


  1. I hear you! I am soooo tired of them. I mean, getting rich with no talent! I don't know why they want her to "act" in film or in anything. I wonder if they will listen to the masses, and just get rid of anything Kardashian on television? I think the people had enough of them. Oh, throw Jersey Show out too while they are at it!

  2. I admit I watch the show, but I would not go out and buy her perfume, their clothing at sears, or any of that sort. Its just entertaining to watch and I absolutely love Kourtney and Khloe's personalities, because they're not afraid to tell someone off or act completely weird (reminds me of my sister and I). Kim is just too hard up for attention and not laid back enough to like.

  3. The best way to end airing of any program relating to the Kardashians by E! or any other network is to watch which companies commercials air during the program and tell them you will boycott their products unless they inform the television station to stop running their commercials during those time slots. No commercials = No revenue and the program Will be removed.


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