Monday, November 28, 2011

Kindle Fire Giveaway at Ends on Dec 15th

Hey there.  Who wants to score a Kindle Fire?!?!?!  My good friend, Justin, at is giving away a Kindle Fire to 2 lucky winners!  Why can't that winner be you?  Here's a small snippet from his giveaway details:

The Kindle Fire which just released less than 2 weeks ago is one of the hottest holiday items and at a price point of $199 makes it the best bang for the buck tablet in existence.  With over 16,000 apps including over 6k free apps plus combining with Amazon Prime for video on demand and eBook rentals you have a versatile tablet that will change your daily life.

How awesome is that?!  Just click on the image to get to the contest page and enter to win.  Contest ends on Dec15th and the winners will be announced on the 16th.  What a way to start Cyber Monday, no?  Later!


  1. No problem, Justin! Image now directs to giveaway page.

  2. if you want go ahead and link the image to the contest page too.

  3. uh thanks! then i won't make a post then:) appreciate your enlightenment

  4. hi, i want to enter this contest but i stopped until "write a post"  i wonder how did you do the clickable image of in your post, pls help:) thanks!

  5. Hey there Myrna. You can link an image by highlighting the image during editing and then selecting the link button. U can then add a url to the image. You could enter the giveaway without doing a blog post. Make sure to check it out!


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