Thursday, November 18, 2010

Donkey Kong Pie

Guest post written by Valerie Sanderson

I really love to bake. I could bake all day, every day and I would be fine with it as long as I still got to eat what I made. I'm not that crazy about cooking though, so I try and do a whole lot of meals that include more baking than stove top cooking. But sometimes I just relaly put more of my energy into baking dessert and my son's favorite dessert is coconut cream pie. It's one of my favorites too, so we eat it a lot around my house.

It's so cute. He loves to call it Donky Kong pie because I tell him that Donky Kong would love it. I was talking to my brother about getting together for Thanksgiving this year and sent him an email with my CLEARWIRE saying that I would bring a pie.

I thought though that it would be fun to make something similar, but a little different to our favorite pie for the holiday, so I found a great coconut lemon pie recipe that I'm going to try out.

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  1. Hey there Valerie,

    Thanks for the post. Donkey Kong Pie not only sounds good, but sounds fun. lol I wouldn't have ever thought to name food using some of my favorite video game characters. And it brings a nice touch for your holiday dinner.


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