Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The 1900 Ocean Apartments in Beautiful Long Beach, CA

Hey there friends.  I've been fortunate enough to live in southern California.  It's always sunny (even when it's not supposed to), there's always something to do, and the beaches are just a short drive away.  When we first moved out, we always searched for two things.  1) is it close by a freeway and 2) is it nice.  While browsing through rentals in Long Beach CA , we stumbled across these beautiful Long Beach apartment

It turns out that it was part a luxury apartment community in Long Beach buy boy was it nice.  They had an awesome scenic view of the beach or the city, walk in closets, marble counter tops, and balconies.  It turns out that the apartments that we were looking at were the 1900 Ocean Apartments.  I was really surprised that they I found them on regular Long Beach listings and not some paid for listings.  But alas, if wasn't for us.  Thought they are extremely nice, we are a family that needed a little more than an apartment.

If you are out and about looking for a place to stay, the 1900 Ocean Apartments are definitely one to check out.  Who wouldn't want to live in a place where "luxury meets the sand"? Later!

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