Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dealing with "Funny Daddy"

Hey there.  You know, I like to mess around, I like to have a good time, and if I can bring somewhat of a smile to someone, I'll do try my best to make it happen.  Considering that I'm usually with my family, they're my audience.  Whether I'm in the kitchen slicing tomatoes with a samurai sword, doing the robot at the most inconvenient of places, or just making a funny comment about stuff, I'm always rewarded with smiles, a "you're funny, daddy", and some eye rolling from the wife.  lol  It's all in good nature and in good fun so I don't mind.  But recently, I've come to think if it's a little too much now that the kids are a little older.

This week, yesterday, actually, I walked my oldest daughter (9 yrs) across the street to her school.  In the middle of the street, I yell out, "Let's robot!" and I start doing the robot while crossing the street.  Mind you there were no cars around so it was safe... not like I stopped traffic or anything of that sort.  Anyways, my young one yelled out, "Daddy, NOOOOOOOO!", clearly embarrassed by the episode.  I stopped and once we crossed the street she scurried off with her friend.  lol

It's funny because a few years ago, I would get an "Oh my god, daddy... really?", and the kids would join in or just laugh but yesterday I got a "NOOOOOOOO".  lol  Just last month, she said, "Daddy, not at the store.  Do the robot at home."  lmao!!!  Maybe I'm embarrassing the young one a little too much.  My youngest daughter (5) loves it.  She's do the robot with me if I bust the moves.  I guess a little bit of the quirkiness in me was transferred to her.
*sigh*  The young ones are getting older and I'm not so sure that that quirkiness will keep em smiling.  My oldest boy (11) is hitting the moody stage.  He'll mess around and have fun but only when he feels like it.  My oldest daughter seems to be growing up a little too fast... (some JR High punk was trying to pick up on my baby.  Looks like I'll need make sure my sword is on full display in the living room), my youngest daughter is still loving the goofy side of me, and the baby, well...  he's still a baby and doesn't know how funny I am just yet.  lol  Damn you father time!  You best better not take away my funny dad title and make it into boring dad, or lame dad, or something of the like.  Until I figure out how to keep it forever, I'll just robot the night away.  Later!


  1. It would have been funny had the child merely been prompted to go ask Daddy for the rent money and see where it would go from there, with Daddy helping child along.

  2. Oh the joys of the tween years. SOrry to hear your robot dance moves have been restricted to "at home" but be happy that you still get "at home" and not "never again" lol.

    You're still a funny duochebag to me hahah.


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