Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great Jackets From

Hey there.  It's been a fairly cold autumn here in Los Angeles.  In my opinion, it's a welcome surprise.  We're usually sitting in high 70 degree weather and the sun is still shining down, warming up our city.  But recently, we've been in low 60 degree temperatures coupled with cloudy skies and low 40 degree temperatures at night.  That's pretty nippy, if you ask this home grown California guy, so I started to look around for a jacket to buy and that's when I stumbled upon these north face jackets from Zappos.

I don't own many jackets but I wouldn't mind owning something like this.  It's not bulky, it doesn't look heavy, and it seems like I would be able to wear it during some not so cold days.  Seems perfect for a guy like me.  And the price is not bad either.

I'll admit that I used to associate with shoes.  I'm not the shopper of the family so it's pretty obvious that I didn't know any better.  I can pretty much score some Zappos jackets for the wife and kids as well.  It just comes to show you that you need to live in extremely cold weather to find some pretty awesome and affordable jackets.  Just in time for the holidays too.  Later!

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