Friday, November 19, 2010

A Free Online Dating Site:

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Hey there friends.  I know that many of you guys are out and about looking for a partner or just someone to hang out with and see where it goes.  And even though there are many other online dating sites out there, they usual charge an arm and a leg just to be part of their database.  But using, you'll get a chance to browse potential dates without paying a cent. 

You can browse by picture or you can browse by using the tags on the right hand side.  Another neat feature is the rating of pictures so if you're picture get's a positive enough rating, it may end up displayed on the site's main page.  And once you do become a member, you'll be able to meet other people through their internal chat messenger and you'll be able to write more about your self in the form of a blog.  Most definitely the most useful tools to express yourself freely in an online world.

Check it out, my friends.  You'll never who you will meet when browsing for a friendly smile to say hello to.  Best of luck, my friends.  Later!

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