Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fried Guitar Hero, Please

Hey there. This morning, my boy made me and my wife laugh our asses off. Since we're coming in to work later than usual, we are dropping off the kids at school this week. Well, this morning, as I pulled in front of the school, I got out to walk them across the street. As I was telling them to have a good day and be productive and what not, my boy turns and says to me, "I always mess up on the beginning of Raining Blood." I kinda gave him a brief look of disbelief and then started laughing. I got in the car and told my wife and we both started laughing. She says that the boy has Guitar Hero fried in his brain. lol Especially, if I'm over here telling him to have a good day, and out comes a comment about Guitar Hero. Man, that was classic. Ranks right up there with my daughter saying that when people turn 100, they turn into pets. Hahahahahaha Man, children say the darnest things. lol

Speaking of Guitar Hero, here's my update in my quest to become a Guitar Hero master. lol I'm going through Expert Mode and struggled heavily on the Slipknot song and Knight of Cydonia song... Took about a week for me to luck through them. I finally got through last night but now I can only get through about 75% of Cult of Personality... That damn solo kicks my ass. Gonna more than likely have to practice that sucker...

If I succeed, I'll let you know. Until then, later.

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  1. Amen Metallman!!!!!
    Your blog rocks!
    I will be back often.


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