Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drained After Work

Hey there. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but this whole week, I have been feeling rather drained. And it's worst right after work. It's almost as if my body is forcing itself to stay up to get through the work day, but the moment I jump in the car, I start yawning, eyelids, feeling heavy and am just plain ol' tired out of my mind. Someone should conduct a study. I'm sure they'll find that work causes tiredness, which in turn causes us to leave work as zombies. No wonder rush hour sucks so much... Most of the drivers are out there as zombified drivers and what not. Damn... I think I need a rockstar.

Damn zombies... Until then, later.


  1. I crap you not, I go through this everyday. I just assumed it was from doing mind numbing work all day. Then the second I get outside my work building my brain starts functioning. Thus causing me to become super tired.

  2. i had observed this same thing and found that for myself it was what i was eating. when im at home i eat real food that hasn't been over-processed and at work, IF i eat, its some crapola that comes out of a microwave... but that could just be me

    thanks so much for visiting my blog, it was nice to hear from someone off of Etsy :)


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