Friday, May 9, 2008

Someone Spills the Beans!!!

Hey there friends. I quit trying to get the surprise out of my wife, since I know she busted her ass off to keep my birthday activity a secret. Well, my comadre spilled the beans!!! She wished me happy birthday over IM and after I thanked her, she asks, "so you guys are going bowling tonight". lol So it looks like I'm going bowling!!!! My wife came over and was like, "I'm going to sock her!" =oP She's not mad, friends. Just a friendly, "Ugh!" lol Cosmic Bowling, here I come!!!! Now... if only I knew how to bowl.... Ha ha ha Later!


  1. lol! im sorrry i really am! but yay for bowling!

  2. After you learn, you are going to be lovin it.

  3. Hey man, it's Adam from

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