Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Orleans, Here We Come!

Hey there. We're heading to New Orleans. I have a credit conference to attend there, so I'll be off on a business trip for a few days. I'm taking my wife with me though so she'll keep me company. We take off tomorrow morning and be back home late Saturday evening. Not so sure what kinda sights there are so I'll need to look up stuffs to do in New Orleans. All I know is that Bourbon Street is a tourist attraction so we'll more than likely head off there to check it out. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know!!! Later!


  1. did you enjoy my city??? And to think that you finally came to town and you didn't even CALL rude!! you dont even know me. I hope you had a wonderful time in my beautiful city of New Orleans. If I had gotten to your blog sooner, I would have had plenty to recomend to you. You should check out my blog and look for my post in March where I was a tourist in my own back yard to see if you were a tourist or more local!! Thanks again for supporting New Orleans Post-Katrina! We always love visitors.


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