Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogs of the Month

Hey there friends. As I was browsing some of the blogs in the Entrecard community, I noticed that some held contests and what not to entice people to comment thier sites or join their communities. I decided that I'll follow suit and reward some of my fellow Entrecard members by providing them with a free link for a full month. I will now have a section titled, "Blogs of the Month" where I will place a link and image to those friends that dropped the most cards on my site for the previous month. Any tie breakers will be decided by comments left on any of my posts. I will send a message to the top 5 so that they can provide a link to their site and image. You won't see any during the month of May since I joined Entrecard in the last week of April, so the first set of winners will be displayed on Jun 1st. Best of luck friend. Later!


  1. I noticed some people ask other blogs to donate a prize and get a link back in return. Seems to do pretty well, I took part in one of them and was really happy with the result!

  2. Hey there. Donate a prize of what kind? I figured, if you like my site, you'll drop your card and I'll take it as you don't mind me posting a link for you. I'm not sure if I want to ask for donations. Unless, by donations you mean your card. lol But I ask for a card so that I can track the top droppers. Which one was the one you took part in so that I can better understand? Thanks.


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