Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Police Gear Up For Grabs

Do you have worn out police uniforms? Looking for new top of the line police boots? Been wearing the same old uniform for countless years on the force? Worry no more, friend. Check out L.A. Police Gear's website. They got it all, tactical undergear shirts, tactical uniforms, tactical belts, not to mention top of the line boots and many other items. You definitely need to check out the famed 5.11 Tactical Series. Not only will you be getting high quality gear, but with a minimum purchase of $125, you'll receive free shipping and a free travel mug. That's just one of the promos that they have the 5.11 Tactical Series, you'll need to check out their site and click on the "more 5.11 promos" button get filled in. Check it out and get yourself a makeover with L.A Gear.

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  1. I'll take an M-16 and a few hand grenades...4th of July is coming up!

  2. That's what I'm saying. What better way to celebrate our nation's freedom than by blowing up a small piece of it. lol

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    Wonderful to go through ur blog. Good luck.. all the best

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