Thursday, May 8, 2008

Birthday Surprise

Hey there. My birthday is tomorrow and I know that my wife has something planned but I have no clue what. lol She said that for sure, dinner. Where? No clue. I'm feeling old now. lol Last year, I was walking around saying that I'm a "quarter of a century old". Now, I'm gonna start with, "I'm a quarter of a century old plus 1." lol I've been trying to trick her into telling me what's going on, but no dice.

My wife, she's a sweetheart. Always has me in mind and busts her ass off to please me. Now, if only I was cleaver enough to come up with a way for her to spill the beans. lol It's not that I really want to know. I want to be surprised because she is going through great lengths to hide whatever she has planned from me, but I guess it's that inner child that is just itching to know.

Guess I'm not as old as I think. Especially if that inner child is getting the best of me right now. Until I discover what's behind door #1, I'll catch ya later.


  1. Happy Birthday! Good to see you here on entrecard. I appreciate the drop. You are an old man now. 26 lay off the wife dude, don't ruin what may be the best time you have had in a while. :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I did back off and am planning on letting the good times roll. lol

    On a side note, love your site. Extremely ensightful. You offer a deep perspective on one our darkest times in history. If you're ever out here in CA, you definitely need to check out the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.