Monday, May 12, 2008

Cosmic Bowling

Hey there friends. We had a blast bowling on Friday. I forgot the damn camera so I can't post any pics so I'll do that later tonight, if not, tomorrow. My wife had a lot of my friends, especially some I haven't seen in awhile, scheduled to show but some canceled for personal reasons. It was still cool, though. It ended up being my bro, brother in law, 2 friends, and my wife on two lanes. We got there at 9:30, and left at 2:30!!! We killed a lot of time there.

My wife and I are rookies at the game. It took some time for us to the get the groove of bowling. My friends are experienced, as well as my brother in law. My brother claimed to be a pro. lol So we basically aimed at trying to throw him off his game so that the rest of us had a chance.

Oh man, the moment of the night: The "pro" fell as he was about to let go of the ball. Oh man, that shit was funny. He ate it nasty and got up, all Mr. cool, and started brushing himself off but he couldn't bowl cause he just couldn't stop laughing. I took a picture of the spot where he fell because you could see the marks he left all over the alley. You can't really see the marks in the pic, but still... It's where he fell. lol The girl on the adjacent lane was laughing her ass off and almost fell herself because she was about to roll and held it back to laugh and compose herself. Man, that was funny. I shouldn't be talking, though. The ball slipped out of my hand as I was about to roll it and it just dropped straight down behind me. Man, good times, good times. Maybe it was us being tired... or Maybe it was those 4 pitchers of Heinekens, I don't know, it was good stuff and we're definitely thinking of doing that again.

Check back later, friends. So you can check out the action. Later!

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