Monday, November 19, 2012

Nintendo Wii U Launches in the US

Hey there.  Anyone else excited about the Wii-U release this weekend?  I walked into a local game stop on Saturday night already saw people lining up to get their pre-ordered Wii-U.  It was a pretty insane sight, actually.  New York City was an even crazier sight!  To celebrate the Wii-U release on Nov. 18th, Mii characters roamed the streets of New York City on Nov. 16th!  Check out some of those fun pictures of that event!

Mii Characters invade New York!
Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/AP Images for Nintendo of America
No special treament here!  Mii Characters wave for a cab!
Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/AP Images for Nintendo of America
Just like everybody else!  Mii Characters wait in line for their new Nintendo Wii U Console!
Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/AP Images for Nintendo of America
How cool is that?!  If I was in New York, I would sooooo try to snap a picture with one these guys.  I love the fun promo stuff that Nintendo does.  It's whimsical and produces smiles.  So did you manage to get a Wii-U over this weekend?  I should have pre-ordered when I had the chance!  Now, I'm out of luck!  I manged to play a bit on the store demo console and I must say that I am fairly impressed with the console.  Surprisingly so, actually.  Once I get my hands on one, I'll make to post my thooughts on it!  But from what I hear from friends, it's a definite MUST BUY!  Until then, later!


That is SOOO cool!!! I wish I lived in NY to see this!!! I am super excited about the Wii U coming out because of the Mario game on it. It looks soo much more fun than Paper Mario, but it looks even a little better than the regular Super Mario game on Wii.

Those Mii Characters heads looks awesome.. I want to wear those.. :D And of course the gamers are the most excited in this news. Too bad it's not yet available here maybe early next year.

The Wii U is DEFINITELY worth getting!!

My boyfriend reserved a Wii U, but then the day it came out he got a Wii U Deluxe at Target (he got one of the last one's they had. Talk about luck!) so he canceled the reservation on the normal edition.
We've been playing with the Wii U all day yesterday and Sunday, it is so much fun. You can converse with other players through text or photos. And the game given with the Wii U Deluxe (Nintendo World, I believe it is called) is so much fun. It has a bunch of mini-games. I fell in love with Pikmin! :D

Hey there Betty! The Super Mario Wii U game does look pretty awesome. I'm also a fan of Paper Mario so I'm curious to see how well Paper Mario will look on the Wii U.

Hey there Susan! Oh man, you guys SCORED! From what I've read and know, the deluxe is definitely the one you want. I've heard some pretty great things about NintendoLand but I haven't haven't had a chance to check it out myself. I can't wait til I get my hands on a Wii U!!!

Hey, did you know that Old Navy is giving out free Super Mario Wii U game to those people who make a forty dollar purchase on Black Friday? It's a win win for the Old Navy shoppers out there. Do you think you'll do it Metallman?

Hey there Betty. I didn't see that commercial until this morning! Maybe I will be stopping by Old Navy just to pick up the Super Mario Bros Wii U game! Thanks for the heads up!

I considered just to get a copy of the game (spend $40 I think to get a free copy) even though I don't think I will own a Wii-U until 2013 sometime.

Hey there Justin. I'm thinking of doing the same thing! I don't expect to get my hands on a Wii U anytime soon but it would be nice to stock up on a title here and there whenever possible!

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