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Friends: The Complete Series Blu Ray Boxed Set Giveaway

Hey there. The Friends prize pack giveaway was such a success that Warner Bros. is going to provide another awesome prize to one of you, my loyal readers! So what's up for grabs??? How about the Friends: The Complete Series Blu Ray Boxed Set!!! This is the ultimate collection for any fan of Friends and it is valued at $279.99!!! How awesome is that?!?! And you can win your very own, right here on Metallman's Reverie!!!

We all know how awesome Friends is and the interactive application is pretty awesome as well (so make sure to check it out and collect all the badges) but I won't take anymore of your time. To enter, please use the PunchTab widget below and leave a comment on this post letting the world know what Friends moment is your favorite. This giveaway is open to US and CAN residents only. Sorry international friends. Also, NO PO BOXES. If the winning entry is from Canada, you may be asked to pay for additional shipping costs. Please take that into consideration before entering. Giveaway is live from now until Dec. 5th! That's less than a week from now! Get those entries in, friends!!! Later!


I actually don't have a favorite moment because I've never really watched the show. I've seen clips here and there, but never an entire episode

my favorite friends moment is when Rachel and Ross have their first kiss

Hmmm My favorite friends moment is more of a situation...any like when they rapidly reveal a lot of secrets/embarassments about each other in an argument trying to top each other

Hey there Steven. You've been missing out on one iconic show!

Hey there Jenn! Yeah! That usually involves Ross and Monica! I love it when those two get into it!

I love Friends! Thank you Metallman. I was looking at the cover you posted, and they all look so different these days. Have you been watching Matthew Perry's new show? It is really funny!

Favorite Friends moment: when Phoebe delays the plane by asking if there were enough Falanges and then scaring everybody off the entire plane when she heard there were no such thing!

I liked when Phoebe would sing Smelly Cat at the coffee shop

abfantom at yahoo dot com

My favorite friends moment is when Monica & Chandler start to like each other as more than friends and begin dating

I love when the girls lose the apartment in the quiz game!

My favorite moment is where they watch Phoebe's so-called 'dirty' movie, only to discover that is really Urusla, because she took Phoebe's name.

Favorite FRIENDS moment, was when Ross, Chandler & Rachel were attempting
to carry the sofa upstairs! LOL …Ross kept saying..”Pivot!…Pivot!…Pivot! And
Chandler replies..”Shut-Up!…Shut-Up!…Shut-Up!” That was a memorable and very
funny moment!

My fav moment is the episode The One with the Embryos from season 4 where they have the bet on who knows who better and have the gameshow type competition it was hilarious <3 <3 <3

this is an awesome show.. there's a re-run of this show here.. good luck all!

My favorite moment is when Joey tells his story to Rachel, who tells it to Ross!

My favorite moment is when Chandler tells Joey about his inappropriate tailor..then Joey asks Ross and Ross says "yeah................. IN PRISON!!" LMFAO,every time I'm in tears when I watch that part.

fave: when tom selleck insults the mustache

I love when they are moving Ross' couch up the stairs and he's yelling "Pivot!" :D

Favorite Friends moment: When all of them watched the prom video then Phoebe says, "see, he's her lobster!"

Anything with Marcel the monkey

I liked when Phoebe would sing Smelly Cat

Hey there Betty! I haven't seen the new show, but it does seem funny. Well, the commercials seem funny at least. How is it?!

I love that episode, Rob! He's all like, don't they all do it that way?! lol And then he calls his dad at the end of the episode!

Hey there Anastasia! I love that one! She's out of your league! lmao! And he refused to pay for delivery! That's a great episode.

I love when Ross freaks out on his boss about eating his turkey sandwich -- I can watch that scene over and over and still find it hilarious!

Geoff K
gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

When Joey keeps accidently hitting Ross in the face!

I saw the first one and it was hilarious!

Everybody loves FRIENDS.. Awesome show!

when joey gets his head caught in the turkey

Phoebe's Smelly Cat song is my favorite moment!

I love when Rachel gets back off the plane and when Joey gets his head caught in the turkey! Hahaha!


When Joey does not share food
vmkids3 at msn dot com

I ole the scene where they are carrying Ross' new couch stairsandhe keeps yelling pivot"

Phoebe singing Smelly hilarious!

My favorite moment is when Phoebe tries to teach Joey French

when monica puts the turkey on her head and dances because that's when Chandler first tells her he loves her.

I love it when Phoebe craved meat during her pregnancy

i love rachel found out she was pregnant

I like Phoebe singing the Smelly Cat Song

I liked when Chandler got a roommate.

I think my favorite moment was when the friends were playing a trivia game for the "good" apartment and Rachel makes up a word like "transponster" for Chandler's job, and the Monica yells "THAT'S NOT EVEN A WORRRRRRD!". That whole episode is actually one of my favorites I think.

Aaron Bretveld

Joey is the best.. all of his lines are funny. And janice with that "OH MY GAWD" haha Lieutcrunch27 (at) gmail (dot) com

I like when they played the trivia for the apartment!

Every episode was hilarious. Lieutcrunch27 (at) gmail (dot) com

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