Monday, December 3, 2012

Jessica Nigri - The Queen of Cosplay

The best of Jessica Nigri!
Photo taken from Jessica Nigri Fan Page
Hey there.  Cosplay is a tricky thing.  With so many fans wanting to display their love of their favorite characters, it's no surprise that sometimes you come across a cosplay outfit that simply doesn't work.  Either because the costume was quickly or poorly made.  I'm not saying not to do it, though.  If it's what you love to do, by all means do it.  Display your love however you see fit!  But when cosplay is done right, man can it be breath taking.  That's why I believe that Jessica Nigri is the queen of cosplay!  Just take a look at collage of characters that she has displayed.  The only thing that's missing is my all time favorite female character, Harley Quinn!
Harley Quinn, my favorite from Jessica's closet!
One of the biggest draws of going to a gaming/anime convention is the cosplay.  Seeing huge fans going all decked out as one of their favorite characters is awesome.  When I went to the AM2 convention some time back, I enjoyed seeing the people in character.  And they weren't just dressing like them, they acted out the part!  The Inuyasha and Kogome charaters were hilarious and the witches and black mages would "battle" in front of a crowd.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you definitely should.  The reason why Jessica Nigri gets so much attention is because she dons some of the most detailed outfits ever.  I'm sure that it doesn't hurt that she's considered eye candy as well.  lol

Jessica loves gaming and is an overall collector of cool stuff so you'll definitely want to check out her instagram and facebook pages.  She also has an online store where you can go and order some chibi stickers of her in her outfits and also order some high quality prints of some of her posters. She constantly has some awesome deals (free posters with X amount of purchase or free shipping) so make sure to check in on that.  I'm definitely planning on getting a few stickers to slap on my laptop.  I'm loving the Morrigan Aensland sticker... too bad it's currently not available at this time.  Her stuff sells out quick so I strongly suggest you grab it while it's in stock!  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Later!


  1. One of my friends does cosplay and goes to Anime Conventions. She even makes her own clothes which is awesome. One year she went as Super Mario, I believe. Do you visit all of the Anime Conventions Metallman? I like seeing the Kakashis at Anime Conventions because I liked his character in Naruto. Hmm. I wanted to add something else to this but I forget. I'll message you again when I remember.

  2. I remember now. Did you see the article about "living dolls"? These are
    people who look like Barbie and Ken dolls. It appears that some of them
    have received plastic surgery in order to reach the unreal proportions
    that the dolls have. Some of them add makeup to their face to achieve
    the "unreal" large eyes. What do you think of this?

  3. Hey there Betty! I have seen those "living dolls" before. I'm not the biggest fan of them. I like taking what you have and making the most of it. Doing what you can to have fun and have a great time. Once you start having plastic surgery to look like a Barbie doll, you have taken "fun" to "freaky."

  4. I have gone to a few conventions, Betty, and I'll admit that the cosplay is what I enjoy most. I love that many people go and act as the character that they are portraying. It's just something that's really fun and awesome to experience first hand.

  5. Metallman, do you dress up in cosplay too?

  6. Hey there Betty! Nah, I don't. I probably will though, one day, just for the hell of it. lol


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