Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aero Porter (3DS eShop) Game Review

Hey there.  The awesome people at Nintendo provided me with a copy of Aero Porter, on of their latest games released for download for the Nintendo 3DS.  The game was released on Nov. 29th, 2012 and after a week of playing the game, I feel that I can finally provide an in depth review of what the game has to offer. So let's get to it, friends!

Upon starting the game, text boxes fill you in as to what your mission in the game is.  You are the manager of the sorting carosel for luggage at an airport and you need to make sure that all the luggage is sorted and gets on the correct plane.  Using the RB and LB buttons on the 3DS controls the arms that will lower and raise luggage on the carosels.  All of the carosels work in unison so when you lower or raise one arm, all of the arms on your carosels will lower and raise.  The luggage and carosel are color coded so it makes it easy to know where the luggage should be.  Planes arriving also have depart time which acts as a countdown for you to get the luggage into that plane before it departs.  Loading planes in quick succession offers combo bonuses, increase your points!  There also is a fuel gauge to keep track of your power to keep the carosel.  Sounds easy and simple enough to understand, right?  WRONG!  As for easy and simple...  that's the only easy part about this game!  
This player is making it look easy!
As you progress through the game, the luggage drops faster, the carosel gets bigger, special packages are introduced, and VIP luggages need special care.  A game with a deceivingly easy premise gets insanly difficult as the game progresses.  You start off with only 3 carosels and as you lower and raise the luggages, it seems like an easy enough task.  Once your carosels increase, all hell breaks loose!  Because there is so much luggage riding on the carosels, the odds of you lowering and raising the wrong colored luggage increases.  Also, with the addition of several carosels, you increase your fuel usage.  Your fuel gauge will decrease a little faster and if you can get special fuel tanks lowered all the way to the bottom, you can replenish your fuel.  To make things a little more difficult, when loading luggage into an airplane, all luggage on that carosel will be boarded!  Having the wrong color will make for unhappy customers and a lower score.  Once you add VIP luggage, bomb threats, and your airport turning into an international airport, the difficulty increases even more.  VIP luggage needs to be boarded first and without any other luggage, bombs need to be boarded into a specially marked van, and once you have the international airport, both of your 3DS screens will be full of carosels to navigate!  But that doesn't mean you won't get any help!  As you progress through the game, you'll receive special bonuses for your carosels.  You will have the ability to increase and decrease the speed that they turn and you will be able to turn the lights on and off on carosels.  Depending on your actions, you can reserve fuel or increase fuel consumption.  Having to power down your carosel because you ran out of fuel is the last thing you want in Aero Porter.  Keeping an eye on your fuel adds another dimension to the game and that strategic element will keep you coming back for more!

Aero Porter is a simple game to understand, yet to difficult to master.  It's the perfect combination of an addicting game!  Aero Porter can be downloaded at the Nintendo eShop.  It's only $4.99 and it's a great game to spend some time and effort on.  Go and pick it up friends!  Especially if you're looking for a great challenge!  Later!


  1. It's pretty sweet that you were able to get a copy of this game! :) lol, it's funny that the customers get unhappy with the wrong color luggage.

  2. Sounds like those cake baking/restaurant managing games you can find online. Sounds interesting! Although I'm not sure my boyfriend would like it (he's the only person I really know who has a 3DS!). Anyway good review :)

  3. Hey there Flufferwuffer! It's been awhile. Hope you are doing well! The game is interesting and it's something to check out. Especially if your man sounds like a person that enjoys a challenge. Thanks for stopping by!


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