Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Friends Trivia Challege and Giveaway

Hey there.  Our good friends at Warner Bros. have reached out to us once again and have provided the opportunity for one of you, Metallman's Reverie readers, to win one extremely awesome giveaway prize!  Who here loves the show Friends?  I love Friends!  Even though the series has been over for quite some time, the wife (who is one HUGE fan) and I watch Friends every night before going to bed.  When this opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it!  Not just because I am a huge fan, but because I know that the show has a strong following and it would be great to offer one of you a very cool prize!

To celebrate the release of Friends: The Complete Series Blu Ray Box Set to be released on Nov. 13th, 2012, our friends at Warner Bros and PartnersHub are offering 2 oversized cappuccino cups that are almost always featured when they have coffee at The Central Perk and the infamous frame that hung from Monica's door.  If you're a fan of the show, you know exactly which one I'm talking about.

"I'm a huge fan, Metallman!!!!  How do I enter?!?!?!!"

Glad you asked!  All I ask if a little social interaction!  There are two awesome widgets in this post that you should check out!  One of them consists of Friends trivia and "Which Friend are You Quiz."  Come back for the trivia and find out which character of the show you are most like.  You can collect badges as you answer questions!  Try to collect them all!  The second one consists of mashup clips of some all time favorites of the show.  Comments will turn into giveaway entries, my friends, so make sure to use the widget below to enter!

The giveaway will run from now until Nov. 29th.  Winner will be announced on the 30th.  This giveaway is open to US and Canada only.  Sorry international friends.  If the winning entry is from Canada, please be aware that you may be asked to pay for the shipping costs.  Please take that into consideration when entering.
I love Friends.  It's quirky, it's funny, it's me.  Phoebe is my favorite.  That woman just cracks me up!  So are you a fan?  Take the quiz above and find out!


i dont have a favorite moment because everything about friends is wonderful

My favorite moment in friends history was when Joey was trying to get
Ross to hit him and ducked and Ross broke his hand. Then Joey showed him that it
was a reflex and accidently hit Ross.

I loved friends! I particularly like Rachel Green

Hey there Austin. I remember seeing that one just a few nights ago! That one is a good one!

My favorite friends moment is when Ross sees Chandler and Monica about to have sex from his apartment building and starts freaking out. Absolutely hilarious!

"That's my SISTER!!!!" That's a great moment!

That was a crazy episode, lol. I would hate to have been in his shoes.

I don't have a single favorite moment - I love the entire series!

I love pretty much every moment of Friends! I just saw one of my favorites last night in the episode where Joey's refrigerator breaks and he tries to talk all the friends into giving him money to buy a new one. The part where he pushes Ross into the fridge and then tries to tell him that he broke it cracks me up! "I'm not talking to you! You broke my fridge!!"

picking one is like being a parent and picking which kid you like the most.

Hey there Travis. My wife said the same thing! lol

Hey there Xenia! Yeah, I love that one as well. He pushes Ross blatantly and says he broke his fridge. That's a classic!

When Phoebe sings "Smelly Cat" and thinks it's the best song ever created.

One of my favorite moments is when Rachel and Monica have to switch apartments with Joey and Chandler and they come riding in on Joey's big dog statue.

I loved it when Phoebe made a video for Smelly Cat and she didn't know she sounded so good. lmao!

When Rachel told Joey her boss wanted to buy her baby

Hey there Jen! And then he had to get a lawyer involved and have that meeting with Rachel! Talk about awkward! lol

When Monica starts to ask Chandler to marry her! Soooo sweet!

When joey tries to eat a turkey all by himself

My favorite is when Ross tries to spray tan. LOL hands down the best episode

Hey there Jennifer! This episode played last night and we LOVE this one too!

The Thanksgiving episode where Monica wears the Turkey on her head

I love the moment when Rachel has Emma. Awww...

When joey tried to eat the entire turkey

Chandler over whittens his teeth before a date.

I love when they are all looking over Ross's baby

My favorite moment is when Chandler proposes to Monica.

cincyangel5 at yahoo dot com

I like when they have the game over the apartment.

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