Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Metallman's Reverie is Now Facebook Friendly

Hey there.  Notice anything different?  No, I didn't get a hair cut!  I have added a nifty Facebook Like button on the bottom of the posts!  It was a pain to get it done but I thought that I needed to get with the times and have a Facebook like button to connect more with my readers.  And not only that, but I've also created a Facebook Fan page for Metallman's Reverie!  How awesome is that?!

So why the fan page?  Actually, two reasons.  The first reason is that I needed to find a way to better sort out my friends from my friends that connect with me through my site.  Now, I don't really have a problem with co-mingling my friends, but it is difficult to have status updates that personal friends have no interest in reading if it is meant for my blog readers and vice versa.  So I figured, I'll create a fan site and those friends can like me there and still be able to be connected.

The second reason is to be more interactive with my fans/readers.  I noticed that my interaction with site friends are usually conducted through Emails, which is fine.  But what if I wanted to give an update on an upcoming post or giveaway?  I don't want to write a blog post saying, come back on so and so day for a giveaway.  I want to be able to send a Facebook update, have poll questions, and inform readers of upcoming endeavors.  Which game would you like to be given next?  Keep a look out for my guest post on so and so site next week!  You know, things of that nature.  Sure, I'll be posting about it but I'll feel like that post will mean much more knowing that it's not an "update" post.  I'll leave the updating to Facebook and focus on quality content here.

So tell me friends, have you use any Facebook plugins on your site and have they been beneficial?  I have already seen a slight increase in traffic and my giveaways are getting more exposure due to the like button that I have added.  Plus plus so far for me.  Let me know how it's worked out for you.  Later!

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