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Freschetta Simply Inspired Bamboo Cutting Board Give-a-Way

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Freschetta Simply Inspired Hawaiian Style PizzaHey there friends.  Who doesn't love pizza?  Pizza is usually considered an unhealthy choice of food but now a days you can find a wide variety of mouth watering and healthy pizzas.  That's where our good friends at Freschetta have our backs and rolled out their Simply Inspired line of pizzas.
I was fortunate enough to get to try one out over the weekend and all I can say is wow.  Since my boy and I are the resident pizza experts at our house, we went to the market to choose the FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ pizza of our choice.  With 8 different varieties, it was definitely a hard decision.  I would have loved to have ry the Chicken Bianco style pizza.  Mmmmm....  Grilled chicken, red peppers, black olives, and alfredo sauce.  Man, that just sounds awesome.  Alas, it was not to be since no one at home eats olives but yours truly.  After a brief debate with my son, we decided that we were going to try the Hawaiian style pizza.  The family would enjoy that more than the Chicken Bianco.
Anyways, one the of first things that I notice is the packaging.  It's not in a standard, old pizza box.  It's in this light, plastic container that is different than any other pizza packaging that I have seen.  I was glad to see that on the back it states that it is using 30% less packaging so not only is Freschetta looking out for me, but it's looking out for mother Earth as well.  The second thing I noticed was the fresh smell of pineapple once I opened the container.  Once you peel it open, the sweet aroma of fresh meat and veggies fills the air.  Unlike many frozen pizzas, Freschetta did not seal their pizza in what seems like shrink wrap.  I guess that's what they mean by "Fresch-Taste-Seal".  So far, simply awesome.
Personally, I like thin crust pizza and the FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ line of pizzas are all thin crust.  The argument that my wife makes is that there's less pizza to eat if it's thin crust.  I say, it's just a different texture.  Sometimes you're in the mood for a little thickness in your pizza slice, sometimes your not and if you're in the mood for some awesome thin crust pizza, this is it.  It has the perfect amount of crunch that it doesn't take away from their signature sauces or ingredients.  Did I mention that this one had a sweet BBQ sauce on it?  I'm not a BBQ sauce fan and I was pleasantly surprised by the how great it was.  For far, I'm loving the ingredients, the taste, and the style.
The family definitely enjoyed the pizza and we already decided that this weekend we're going to try the Chicken Bianco style pizza.  (YES!)  lol  The kids gobbled it up, the wife thinks it's a great, healthy pizza, and I think  that any pizza that can satisfy a family of 6 is always welcome at our home.  But don't take my word for it.  Go to and check out all the pizza varieties in the Simply Inspired line and find out which style is simply you.
Still not convinced to try one out?  Here, I'll give you a coupon for a free pizza!  Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!  I don't have one for EVERYONE reading this post.  1 lucky reader will walk away with a coupon for a free FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ pizza.  And to sweeten the pot, our good friends at Freschetta are throwing in a wooden bamboo cutting board!  Check it out!
Freschetta Wooden Cutting BoardFreschetta bamboo wooden cutting board

How awesome is that?  So how do you enter for a chance to win?  I'll make it easy.  Simply leave comment on this post on this post with your favorite pizza toppings.  That's it.  Once the the deadline has past, I'll use to chose a number and that will determine our winner. Let's recap the rules:
  • Give-a-way is available to US and Canadian friends only.
  • Give-a-way will run from now until May14th.  Winner will be announced on May 15th.
  • Leave a comment on this post stating what your favorite pizza toppings are to enter.
Be sure to check out Freschetta on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming news and give-a-ways.  Like Freschetta on Facebook for a free downloadable and printable coupon for $2 off any Simply Inspired pizzas.  So let's hear it friends, what are your favorite pizza toppings???  Later!
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my all time fav is mushrooms, can't go wrong with mushrooms!

Black Olives!!! So glad my kids like it on their too.

I like mushrooms and black olives.

rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com



My favorite pizza toppings are onion and pepperoni.
Dove056 at aol dot com

my favorite pizza toppings are grilled chicken, bacon, artichoke and spinach...on thin crust yuuuummmm!!! Or just plain old pepperoni on thin crust!!!

My favorite toppings are mushrooms and green peppers!
aeris321 at gmail dot com

My favorite pizza toppings are sausage,pepperoni, and ham.

pineapple and shrimp

It looks wonderful! I'm a plain cheese girl.
Thanks so much for the chance!
kimberly.reuter at yahoo dot com

Chicken and Olives.
Thanks for the chance.

Love Hamburger and green peppers on my pizza!

I like veggies--onion, spinach, artichoke
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

I like to have sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, olives, and peppers

My favorite pizza toppings are olives, mushrooms, spinach, artichokes, and pineapple.
Alicia Webster

I really love extra cheese, tomato, and spinach! Yum! Email in profile.

My favorite is Pepperoni and pine apple, but it's is only my fav if its from Dominoes because they have that awesome crust now. No more leaving the crust behind.

My favorite is pineapples

lnze_6 at hotmail dot com

I love green peppers on my pizza!

My favorite pizza toppings are saugage, olives and green peppers.

My favorite is pepperoni and black olives.
lazybones344 at gmail dot com

I like pepperoni, pineapple and green bell peppers. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

Mushroom, corn, feta, pineapple and grilled chicken! Weird but delicious!

I also like grilled chicken, pesto, feta and sun-dried tomatoes!

I'm happy with a cheese pizza.

Garlic, Onion and Spinach are the toppings of choice!

Favourite toppings are bacon and mushrooms!
cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

I like ham, pineapple and pepperoni

My favorite is alot of cheese and pepperoni

Canadian bacon on a thick crust!

Pepperoni is my favorite topping.

All meat...pepperoni, hamburg, sausage, bacon, ham

My favorite topppings are spinach, artichokes and tomatoes.

I like lots of sausage and some onions

black olives is my favorite

I like everything on it, but black olives are a must on my pizza.

My all time favorite is cheese lovers pizza with pepperoni and pineapple.
teresa_barten at

My favorite topping is pepperoni.

Mushroom and onion.

Rustic Pepperoni

I luv mushroom, olive, pepperoni and onion

Pepperoni and cheese for me!

I love grilled chicken, feta cheese, diced tomatoes and spinach. Email: yona(at)

i love sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms!

jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

My 3 favorite pizza toppings are (in this order) sausage, mushrooms, and pepperoni. That being said, I sometimes love a good veggie only pizza too like the Farmers Market pizza that Freshetta created for this pizza line.

I love mushrooms and lots of cheese.

my favorite toppings are sausage, mushrooms and extra cheese
nblexp ( at ) gmail (dot) com

I love a pizza topped with fresh veggies ( my kids say I'm werid) green peppers, mushrooms, onions black olives....
Diane Baum

I like sausage.

Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. My favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni, onions, sausage and cheese. I am following, liking, joining and subscribing.

My favorite pizza toppings are sausage, mushrooms, onions and red peppers.

Thanks for the giveaway...we like sausage, green peppers, onions, & extra cheese !

senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

The more cheese the better. I like many types of cheese on a pizza doubled.

My favorite pizza toppings are Canadian bacon
and pineapple

My favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni, cheese, bell pepper and onion.

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