Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get a Life Ep. 10 - The One About the PS4

Hey there.  I know... I know... we took almost 2 weeks to record a new episode but don't worry guys, we're back!  So, are you ready for another episode of the Get a Life Podcast?  Awesome!  In this episode we discuss Sony's announcement of the PS4 and what we know of the PS4.  I'm sure that the gaming community is well aware of the PS4 announcement that took place on Feb. 20th. 2013, but we'll give our two cents into what features are promising and which are a bit curious.  If you would like to check out some more details on the PS4 from Sony themselves, check out the PS4 webpage.

Now, the Get a Life Podcast Ep 10 (wow... 10 already?!?!) - The One About the PS4!!!!  Enjoy!
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  1. My coworker today was saddened that it was coming out. She said that play station 2 was around 10 years and she just bought play station 3 and was hoping it would last a while. I told her, with technology things change every year!

  2. well it's been 5 years since the last one.....

  3. A gaming pc will always trump a gaming console!

  4. Nice news! I must say i'm already left behind with technology.. but who know i might get one someday.. cheers! ;)


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