Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A New Series! What I'm Playing...

Ugh!  Get off me, zombies!!!
Hey there.  I'm going to start a new series.  I don't think I've started a new one since my "Thoughts on..." series.  I've gotten much positive feedback on that series and I'm extremely grateful.  So now, I bring you guys my, "What I'm Playing..."  series.  This series is NOT a review and will be different from my Thoughts On series.  See... here's the thing...  I play a lot of video games.  Being a blogger, I tell myself that I will post my thoughts on it when I have a moment.  That moment comes and goes and the blog post is never started.  Before I know what happened, I'm already 4 games ahead of what I planned on writing about and feel overwhelmed and ultimately... none of the games get their own post.

I hate it when that happens.  And you know what...  It happens more often than not, friends.  I'm making a conscience effort to eliminate as much of that as a can.  I feel like I missed a good opportunity to shed some light on awesome games when I don't post about them.  I'm hoping that the What I'm Playing series will help.  In a quick post, I can let you guys know about what I'm playing that week and a quick thought or two.  If the game is worthy of a full blown, Thoughts On post, then I'll go ahead and get it done and provide a lot more insight.  But just in case it doesn't or I straight out forget, at least there will be a small post about the game.  Also, I think that I can use this as a springboard and bring the conversation into the podcast.  I don't know just yet. I'm just thinking out loud now.  Any and all games will be considered.  PC, Tablet, Mobile, Console, etc. etc.  I play where the games are and quite frankly, they are EVERYWHERE.  lol  

So what do you guys think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Later!


  1. How fun! I should do something like this... and I um love your picture hehe.

  2. Hey there Ali! It should be fun series of posts! I play so many games that I'm hoping this will be a great way of keeping track of them. lol

    And thanks for the pic love. I tend to take... um how do I say it... "colorful" pictures. lol

  3. I love the picture too! good job was this real or just for the photo? you could be an actor! :D

  4. Very SERIOUS gaming face you have there.. :)

  5. I see a lot of games these days get unfair reviews. Someone going into a game with a preconceived notion and then basing the game play off of that. It's nice to see a real gamer give real game reviews.

  6. Awwwww. Thanks for the kind words, K. I try to keep it as honest as possible, you know. I'm not a complicated guy. I play a game and put my thoughts into words. I do see that a lot of other sites write to please, I just write to write.


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