Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 12th is Pancake Day

Hey there.  Did you guys know that Feb. 12th is Pancake Day?!?!  As I was going about my daily business, I noticed that there was a lot of emphasis put on pancakes.  I thought to myself, well... maybe today people finally realized how awesome pancakes are and decided to show the world!  I mean, c'mon... pancakes are the perfect breakfast food.  When the family and I decide to have breakfast at a restarant, it doesn't matter where, I will order pancakes.  I love them that much.  But I must admit... I missed out on the Pancake Day fun.  I would have loved to have made pancakes for the family, or head on over to a local restaurant for some pancakes for dinner!  Hey!  Pancakes are great anytime of day.  Don't judge me!  lol  Anyways, I missed out yesterday.  But you know what... I don't need wait until next year for some pancake fun!

So as I was browsing around the web for stuffs to do for Pancake Day, I stumbled across those awesome pancakes made in the shape of Nintendo characters!  I have no idea how the fan made them, but I sure do want to try!  The above pancakes were even featured in the Cooking Channel's Facebook Page!  How awesome is that?!  Much kudos to the creator of the pancakes for finding a great blend of gaming and cooking to create such awesome pancakes.  I think that if I were to create some like this, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to eat them.  lol  I can already hear my 3 year old son yelling, "Daddy!!!!  Nooooo!!!  Don't eat Yoshi!!!"  lol

So what do you guys do for Pancake Day.  I missed out this year but I'll definitely cook something up for next year!  Later!


  1. those pancakes look so appetizing........

  2. Belated Pancakes Day! Those are amazing pancakes art! Although Feb. 12th is the pancake day, it doesn't mean you can have it just for that day. You can have it everyday and anytime you want it! ;) Cheers!


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