Sunday, February 10, 2013

#FellowesInc 73Ci Paper Shredder is Awesome

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Hey there.  I work in an office where we do a lot of paper documentation.  Whether it be sensitive financial information or a conversation that was had with a bank or customer.  Practically everything gets documented, printed, and placed in a file.  When you think about it... that's a lot of paper.  In our office, there is a paper shredder and let me tell you... it simply cannot handle all the shredding that we do.  It's constantly out of commission.  Whether it be overheating, "something" got jammed in there, or the most dreaded of all, a paper jam occurred and we all have to wait until a technician shows up to fix it.  It's a pain in the butt when the shredder no longer works.  How I wish we had a Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder!  This is thing is simply amazing!  Here's why!

In regards to business, the Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder is one great energy efficient machine.  It's propietary energy savings system is one of a kind and guarantees that you will save energy each time you use the shredder.  As a matter of fact, it saves you energy even when you are NOT using it.  How awesome is that?  As a business, big or small, if a product can guarantee energy savings, why not pick it up?  It's a win win situation.  Both for your business and for the environment.

Many of us with small businesses work at home (such as myself) and we need a paper shredder there as well.  If you have young kids, at home, you are going to love this.  The Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder also boasts SafeSense Technology.  It's a safety measure put in place to prevent fingers from being caught in the shredder.  Any skin contact with the paper shredder opening will automatically stop the shredder cold in it's tracks.  This is one of the best features on a shredder when you have young ones running around your home and/or home office.  It gives you piece of mind and as a parent, there is no price on that!

Speaking of touching, this great shredder also has one capacitive touch screen!  You can easily turn it on and reverse the shredder without getting your fingers any where near the paper shredder opeining.  It gives the Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder an elegant and modern look.  There's nothing wrong with having a shredder that's awesome and looks good, right?  lol

Now, I've saved the absolute best part for last...  the Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder is 100% jam proof!  Let that sink in for a minute.  100%.  Jam.  Proof!!!!  How many paper shredders that claim that?!?!  Using powerful, heavy duty, cross cut blades, the Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder will power through any job and will absolutely, 100%, get the job done.  No more messing with the paper shredder trying to unjam it.  No more headaches.  No more frustrations.  This awesome paper shredder will shred paper into 394 tiny pieces each and every time!  That feature alone is all the convincing I need to get my hands this!!!

The Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder is available in all office superstores.  The were released earlier this month and you should be able to go and pick one up for $199.99.  If you are in the market for a shredder, you might as well get one that is 100% jam proof, save you money on repairs and energy, and has safety in mind.  You simply cannot go wrong with this shredder!  So tell me friends, what about the Fellowes 73Ci Paper Shredder impress you the most?  It's SafeSence Technology?  The 100% Jam Proof?  Have you ever had a paper shredder nightmare?  Let's hear it!  Later!
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  1. That sounds like a good paper shredder. The one we have at home always jams. :(

  2. This is a good buy. ;) Good suggestion. Thanks!

  3. seems like a good device, though fortunately paper shredding is not my headache!:)

  4. You are lucky, Nagaraj! Paper shredding in my office is a HUGE headache!!! lol


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