Friday, September 26, 2008

Reckless Driving

Hey there. Taking a few mins to let you guys know what went down last night. It was pretty much a normal ride home, we laughed, we sang songs (nothing to bring the family together like Black Hole Sun, lol) and we talked about our day. As we were getting off the freeway, I noticed a white truck behind me. Nothing out of the ordinary, was slowing down, going to make a right turn, like myself, waiting for the light to turn green. All of a sudden, the siren blazes and a cop comes racing down the off ramp. Before we knew it, that white truck stepped on it, swerved to the right of me, missing us by millimeters, damn hear hits 2 other cars as he barges into the intersection, and burned rubber.


I turned around to make sure my kids were alright. A little shocked, but cool. My wife freaked a lil, only because the truck was so close to her side and we were extremely fortunate that it didn't hit us. As we made our right turn and continued down the street, we see a lot of our neighbors hanging around outside. My wife thought out loud that they must've caught him since there were cops everywhere. Quick response time by the cops, by the way. I was surprisingly pleased with their response time. By the time we reached the neighbors, which was no more than a minute from the time he speed passed us, 4 cops cars had zoomed by, and there was a barricade further down the street. I was like, damn, they're really on their game tonight.

Anyways, my wife notices that the cars parked outside are smashed. The asshole driver of the white truck struck many of the cars that were parked outside. He smashed the door of one car, took off the side mirror or another, and rear ended another. But once we got to the corner, we found out what was up. The trucked smashed into the corner building, taking out half of the wall. Damn!!! But get this... there was no driver!!! The bastard took off running!!! We saw a few cops on foot so I'm pretty sure that were on pursuit. As we turned to get into our block, I could've sworn I saw a few cops on the floor cuffing someone. We didn't take any chances though, we got home, locked the doors, kept an eye on the windows, and I had my trusty sword at hand... just in case some bastard tried to hide in my yard. lol I'd slice the SOB that threatens my family.

It was a perfect opportunity to reiterate the importance of seat belts, the law, and reckless driving to the kids. Crazy stuff man. Was this close to being by some fool running from the law. Later!



  1. eez!! well i'm glad you were just witnesses to the insanity, rather than hapless victims of the driver.

  2. I hope he gets forbidden from driving. He should NOT be allowed to roam the streets in his vehicle.

  3. Thank God that you and your family were safe, and glad that there was no one injured. It's scary.
    Thanks for putting your entrecard ad on my site.

  4. Good thing your ok. Pretty crazy tale.

    Take care.



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