Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

Hey there friends. I am beat. I haven't had a chance to do a quality post in sometime. Work has been crazy, no time to do shit there cause, well, I'm working hard. lol Then we had one of our more busier 3 days in awhile. On Friday, we went out to my wife's cuz's B day party. My wife started to feel sick but we decided to go anyways. It began to get a little cold and not to mention a little windy so we left soon after. I believe this is when my wife got sick.

On Saturday, we had 2 birthday parties to attend. After some thorough thinking and noticing that my wife is now sick, we decided to go to only one of the parties. I think that we both would of prefered to stay home since we were both sick, her more so than I, but we went because it was our soon to be goddaughter's B day and we couldn't disappoint. My cuz was also having a B day party that evening but we sratched that one too. At the B day party, the kids played games and we hung out with some of my old friends from back in the day and it was pretty cool. I had to get on a roof to help with the "pinyata" (spelled that way cause I have no idea how to put that "~" over the n). I'm not big on heights. I can get on roller coasters and what not, but that's because I know that I'm securely strapped in. On a roof, if you slip, that's your ass on the floor so I had to not look over the edge or be real careful with my footing. And then to top it off, I needed to get the "unsafe" part of the roof, which was not flat and all angled, and need to tug away at the rope so that I can give the pinyata lift. lol The night ended with a friend of mine teaching my wife a new "salsa move" so that we can hear about an embarrassing moment in his life. Trust me, this guy has many an embarrassing moment so this was meant to be good if he swore his sister to not tell a soul. lol I'll write about those moments some other time. lol We heard the story, had a few laughs, then headed home.

Tired, we got up Sunday morning, rushing to get dressed. Sunday we were to baptize our soon to be goddaugher. I missed football Sunday, entirely! What a waste of NFL ticket!!! lol It was good cause though, but still... No football!!!! I only got to see the first half the Raider game. We were kicking ass and looking somewhat empressive over a Bills team that looked pretty good the two previous weeks. Anyways, we got to driving over to get our goddaughter ready. We gave her a bath and got her all suited up. I have pics, but I don't have them with me, I can't post. I'll get to it when I get home. We soon then jumpped in the car and off we went to the church. While driving thtough the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, I get a text message that the Raiders lost on a last second fieldgoal. NO!!!! I pound on the steering wheel in disappointment. lol So while at church, we could not understand the priest what so ever. I mean, you can hear the guy, but I just could no understand the words that were coming out of his mouth. We finally got through the sacrement, and we heading out to eat with my comadre and compadre and my compare's mother. We walked around Olvera St and settled in on a place. We chowed down and off we went, on seperate ways.

We finally got home and started to relax. By then, Sunday night football was over... We finally had a chance to just settle down and relax some. I gave my wife a good, long rub down and shortly thereafter, drifted to sleep. Long three day weekend for us. All in all, it was good, but it could've been better if we weren't sick. Last thing we need to get any of our friends or goddaughter sick. I think we're just going to go home and take a nap. lol Let our bodies rest up some. Later!


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