Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've been Axed by PPP

Hey there. I'm a little ticked off that I received an Email from Pay Per Post, stating that my blog no longer qualifies to accept opportunities. They go on to claim some bullshit about "weeding out blogs" and keeping only the "elite" blogs for their advertisers. This upsets me extremely. Not only because I've been axed, but because their requirements are so minimal (90 days existence, no porn) that I don't see how they're are going to choose these elite blogs. I've only been around for about half a year and I think I've done pretty well. I definitely woutldn't classify myself as "elite" but if you think about it, elite blogs would already be well established and I'm sure that they wouldn't be hanging around PPP to make a couple of bucks when an advertiser that go directly to the blog owner. It just doesn't seem right to me. I'm pretty sure that Social Spark is next in line to be weeded out so warning to all friends that are members. The man is out and he's passing judgement...




  1. You and your site are elite.
    Repeat 10 times and rinse that PPP out.
    I feel your pain since google nixed me.
    Rock on anyway.

    P.S. The reason your site was not considered elite was the Metallica video you played the other day. Even the people at PPP knows they sold out. J/K!

  2. I have had nothing but positive experiences with PPP, thus far. I am hoping that continues. Did PPP say that you could reapply at some point?


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