Monday, September 8, 2008

NFL Openning Weekend is a Blur

Hey there. Yesterday was the first Sunday of the NFL and what a Sunday it was. Cincy are losers. Ocho Stinko had 1 catch for the game. Carson only had 99 yards throwing and this was supposed to be the unveiling of their high powered offence and they lose to Baltimore.

Brett Favre started his Jets era with some flashes of gunslinger Brett. Having himself a solid game, no INTS, and a wild 4th down pass for a TD. The game against the Fins was slow at times, but nevertheless, entertaining to watch Brett suit up and play.

How about them Saints? Down against the Bucs when Reggie Bush decided he came to play and helped this team survive against the Bucs. They looked good, if not great at times and if Reggie comes to play every Sunday the way he did in that 4th quarter, the Saints are a force to be reckoned with.

Did you see Donovan light it up against the Rams? What did have? Over 300 yards passing and I think 2 or 3 TDs? The man was on fire. I've always liked McNabb and if he can stay healthy this year, the Eagles can definitely go far.

What a game in San Diego!!! The Bolts were HEAVILY favored against Carolina, and me, being a Raider fan, was hoping for the upset. Boy, did I get it and some. Carolina being up in the 4th qtr allowed the Chargers to take the lead late in the game when the Chargers scored 2 TDs. Carolina, being down by 5, had to march down field and score a TD to win the game. Delhomme marched his squad and almost screwed it up when there was only 20 secs in the game the Panthers did not call time out. The ran their play and only had 6 secs left. A quick toss for a short gain and a timeout later, the Panthers only had 2 secs for a shot in the end zone. Delhomme pulls back, fires a bullet in the end zone, between 2 Charger defenders mind you, for the score. Awesome finish to that game.

I didn't watch much of the Dallas game. They were steamrolling over Cleveland so I ended up watching the SD - CAR game. This I can tell you, Dallas looks scary. They are already clicking on all cylinders and it's the first week of the season. I don't see them being beat if they continue playing the way they did.

Peyton, what happened man? I have you on my fantasy team and expected you to light up the Bears. Instead, the Bears turned on that defence and keep Manning to a single TD. The Bears rookie RB, Forte, just tore them up in the running game. I believe he had over 100 yrds rushing. The rookie looked good and Orton didn't screw up. Chicago looks to be a stronger team than last year and I see them battling Dallas for that top spot.

No, I didn't forget Brady. Horrible, horrible looking injury to his knee. Speculation is out there and he's done for the season and that's a huge shame. Top QBs are Brady and Peyton, then it's all the rest and if one of them is out, it takes off some of that competitive edge of going against the Pats. You practice and strive to beat the best but when he's out of the game, it won't be the same. It'll be one of those, "Brady didn't play, so it didn't count" type deals. Hope the injury isn't season ending but it looks more than likely that it is.

I told you guys. I didn't do a damn thing but watch football on Sunday. Gotta love NFL Sunday ticket. As for today, my Raiders are up against the despised Broncos. They've had our number the past few years. JaMarcus is starting, we have an explosive RB in McFadden, and our defense is much improved. C'mon Raiders! We gotta pull out of this, what is it now??? 6 or 7 year slump? I'll be the first to admit when my team sucks and we've been just plain horrible a good chunk of this decade. New season, starting fresh faces, Monday night football, all good indications of a new era in Raider football.

Aaron Rodgers also makes his debut against the Vikings. Best of luck to you, my friend. You got some gargantuan shoes to fill up in Green Bay.

NFL. You gotta love it. Later!



  1. helo..linked u in my blog..hope it is ok...

  2. Oh yeah! I have Peyton too. Needless to say I had to turn off stat tracker yesterday! I did have Michael Turner from Atlanta. I might score okay with the boys this year!

  3. How about those Panthers! Sure it screwed up my fantasy stats as I had the Chargers D, but I'll take a win for the home team any day!

  4. What no love for my Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan, and Michael Turner?

  5. Hey there. Damn Raiders! Freaking losers. Looking all pathetic. Better get their act together soon, man. JaMarcus! What the hell was that? You forgot that you're a QB or what???lol

    Kim, I'm hoping Peyton shakes off them jitters. I lost my first game because of him. Maybe we should start a "blog-o-league". That would be cool if we can find some players.

    I'm with you T. CS looked pretty damn good, but as long as SD losses, I'll be honest with you, don't really care who beat em. But it was pretty obviously that the Panthers missed Delhomme. He's got that team believing right now.

    Workhourse, I only got 2 eyes, man. I completely missed the Atlanta game and I don't have anyone on my team in the league so I completely bypassed it. But I saw the highlights and Turner lit them up. And Ryan... wow, first pass, first TD. Welcome to the NFL rookie. Let's see how they do in the next game, where that adrenaline of playing his first game wears off.


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