Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Metallica Video Premiers

Hey there. I've always been a Metallica fan and even though some of my favorite music is from their earlier stuff, I can't help but be excited about thier new album. Here's the latest single and video. Thoughts???



  1. Hmm. Am I allowed to be split on it?
    0:00 to 4:20 - Didn't like
    4:20 to 5:29 - Getting Better
    5-29 to the End - I'm there

    Video - Meh till the lady gets out the car, then I realized my interest had been peaked.

  2. I've been overdosing on the temporary Metallica channel on XM radio, so I've really gotten my fill of Cyanide and The Day That Should Not Be (oh, come on; it's fun to make fun of a long title!).

    My first thought about The Day... was that it was VERY '70s rock -- think Blue Oyster Cult. But then the emotional impact of the lyrics hit me, and finally the music crawled into my unconscious and I realized the song is brilliant. It certainly reaffirms my feeling that St. Anger had flashes of that same kind of brilliance and would have been a much better album if the guys had spent more time getting inside those songs.

    That's why the short film disappoints. By itself, it's compelling and bewitching. It's hard to look away.

    But it has nothing to do with the lyrics as I hear them, and that is a huge disappointment. Yet another missed opportunity for the boyz.

  3. Hey there.

    Dilemma, I have similar feelings towards the song, but I didn't mind the intro to it. It's mellow and it sits alright with me. But once we get into the solo is where I'm loving it.

    Susan, I didn't know there was a Metallica channel!! You need to let me know what station it's on so I can tune in too. Metallica is usually on Bone Yard or Lucy. As for the vid, I completely agree. They missed a good opportunity to make a great video. It left me saying, WTF, at the end and I'm not sure that the lyrics fit in with what they were trying to accomplish. Were they trying to say that the soldier wants to go home cause of these "tense" standoffs with everyone, including the regular folk? The day that never comes is that day he wants to go home? I don't know, if that is the message, it was extrememly vague.


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