Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Windows Vista

Hey there. I'm sure that we've all experienced computer problems before. Whether they happen at work or at home, you just can't seem to avoid them. Just the other day, my boss, my wife and I spent almost two hours revising and evaluating our company's policy and procedures when it happened. Microsoft word stopped responding! We waiting a few minutes hoping that it will respond and all will be good but it wasn't meant to be. All of our hard word work gone. Even though we saved our document, "in case something happened", our changes were nowhere to be found. What a frustrating moment that was. Our IT guys were useless and my boss, not being very computer savvy, was ready to toss the machine out the window.

While at home, my wife and I discussed the incident at work. We knew that we had to go back and tackle that task again. While working on our personal laptop, I realized that we have not had any issues whatsoever with Windows Vista. The computers at work run on Windows XP. Compared to Vista, they seem to be slow and less responsive to multi tasking. I always have spreadsheets, word docs, and online applications going on all at once at work and it's freustrating when one application won't respond. While working at home, under Windows Vista, I have yet to have that issue.

I suggested to the boss that it would be a step forward to upgrade to Windows Vista. Since it's more productive and efficient than XP, it will save the company time and money. Not to mention that it also comes with a Windows Backup and Restore Center! I've made the pitch to him, hitting home the points of free customer support and assistance. He seemed to like the idea and will pitch it to his boss. I've grown weary of having to wait for applications to respond. Hopefully, we'll be running Vista Small Business or Vista Ultimate real soon. Later.




  1. I wanted to get Vista but had heard some complaints about it well actually my husband did so he says it's a waste. Your saying it isn't?It's better than XP? I have been having a lot of problem s with things freezing up and page loads recently.

  2. Well, I'd rather get a high end machine and still install XP with service pack 3. Its way way better than vista. One of my laptops is on vista at the moment, and my it works great the first few weeks and once you start installing softwares and stuffs, the hiccups are very obvious and frustrating. Last week, I was locked out of my user profile for no apparant reason and had to run the entire restore procedure to get things back on track, that too partially back. I dont recommend vista..



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