Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Work and Stupidity... Ugh

Hey there. Sometimes I (we, my wife and I work in the same company) feel that we practically run our company. These past few weeks have been especially brutal. We go to work at 7 AM, after dropping our kids at their grandma's, who take them to school. We SHOULD be getting out at 3:30 ish but there is always some shit going on where they need me or my wife. Today, was just plain bad. We were supposed to meet up with our future god daughter and her parental units so that we can get her a dress for her baptism. We took into account that we may be a little late so we scheduled to meet up at 4. Well, that didn't happen. At 4 ish, my wife is called in to do something important for the owner of the company. Well... our bosses keep her busy for a good 40 mins or so. Once she comes out, we start to shut down since we're running late, but what happens??? I'm called in to their office and am being held up while my wife is sitting on her desk, restarting her machine knowing that I'm going to be awhile. Ugh...

On a lighter note, something hilarious did happen at work today. Boss asked one of the girls there to order a white board since the one he has is "too small." The girl looks at the board and concludes that it's 3 feet by 3 feet. The woman and the board is right outside my office so I can hear her thinking out loud. First off, the board is a rectangular shape. How the hell can she conclude that it's dimensions are 3 feet by 3 feet. She then decides that to figure out the dimensions, she'll need 3 rulers. lmao At that, I got up and yelled out to her that she only needs one ruler and measured the board for her. It was 3 by 2. She takes off and makes the call, she then storms into my office and says that there is a bigger one available and that it's "24 times 36". I stare at her... waiting for her to laugh or something, but then I realize that she's serious and tell her that "24 times 36" is the same thing as 3 feet by 2 feet. She gives me this blank look and then says that she'll just order that one. No friends, she's not a blondie, I think she's just plain stupid. I've seen the same woman shave, YES SHAVE, her forehead at her desk. I couldn't believe my eyes, let alone my ears when she asked the office if Las Vegas was in California. The people I have to work with... And tomorrow, we gotta do it all again...



  1. I had to cover my mouth I was laughing so hard!!!!!!! thats the same trick who you told me before shaved her forhead! oh man, someone fire that mensa!

  2. Yikes!! That's funny, but scary!

  3. Hey there Martha. Yup, that's the same chick I was telling you about.

    Harmony, it just makes me wonder if every work place has that "one stupid" person. You know, like the equivalence of a class clown, but for adults. lmao


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