Thursday, August 7, 2008

Man Sized Food?

Hey there. I was talking to my compadre today and I was venting about how Doritos will now have less chips in their bags. I mean, they're small as it is already, why make them smaller for the same price? I remember back in the day, the 99 cent bag was pretty big. Today, it's almost half the size of that. Why? Economy sucks. Companies are trimming costs by putting less of their product in containers and charging us the same amount as before, if not more. Fuck that. I'm so not happy about it. But what is my compadre's solution to this? Create "man" sized portions and "woman" sized portions.

His solution made me laugh, and laugh hard. He then proceded to tell me about "man sized" cup of noodles. I've never hear of em, but his pic made me think. Some companies have already started this, bigger is better trend and I think it started with Hungry Man. I mean, is it really smart to advertise food differently to different sexes? And I don't mean different products or gender specific products. I'm talking about one product, different approaches. Let's use the example of Cup O Noodles. C'mon friends, we've all had em. They're like the universal "need food now" item. Whatever brand it is, we call em all Cup O Noodles. Anyways, if you were an advertiser, would you advertise a "man" sized portion and a "woman" sized portion? Is it a smart idea or is it more business savvy to have a single sized product? Just a couple of thoughts that are running through my mind right now. Later!

For Inspiring Chefs Everywhere

Hey there friends. I believe that the Nintendo Wii is a very innovative machine that has changed the way that we play video games. We can now get up and box a friend using the remote as the boxing gloves, play tennis using the remote as a racket, or swing the remote like a sword to slash. Now, we can add slicing and dicing and well as stirring to the ever expanding repertoire of Wii remote actions. Order Up! is the new cooking game for the Nintendo Wii that will put you in charge of your very own restaurant. You will manage your stations and serve up food in a hectic environment. Of course, before you can reach the status of a Chef Ramsey, you will need to work your way up. You'll start off as a fast food chain and as you gain praise from critics, as well as new and improved recipes, you'll work your way up to a world class restaurant. Not convinced? Maybe you need to check out the Order Up! Trailer . Order Up! Order yours today.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Make It Happen, We Need FFVII!!!

Hey there friends. Not sure if you've heard, but from what I hear, the Final Fantasy VII remake WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN THE STATES!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?! SquareEnix (Squaresoft back in the day) made the mistake of not releasing Final Fantasy 2 and 3 in the states and it created a masss confusion regarding the numeration of Final Fantasy titles (FF2 in the states is really FF4 and so on). They finally released FFIII in DS form and it's a huge success. FF7 will no doubt be a hit as well, especially since the original is already considered to be the best game ever created. Sign this petition people. We need our FF7 fix!!!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Petition

The Dark Knight Curse?

Hey there friends. It occurred to me this morning, while listening to the Morgan Freeman update (good thing he's doing well. Great actor, by the way), that The Dark Knight movie might be cursed. Think about it for a second... First, it's the untimely death of Heath Ledger, then it's the arrest and emotional distress of Christian Bale, and now... it's the serious car accident of Morgan Freeman. It's weird, no? And I'm not sure if you've heard this saying, but things usually happen in threes. Just kinda odd, if you ask me. Later.

Monday, August 4, 2008

VistaPrint Magnetic Car Signs

Hey there friends. Starting a new business or have an existing business but you don't have that exposure that you need? Or maybe you have a stable business but you can never have too much exposure so you want to get the word out more. Well, check it out friends, over at, you can find all sorts of materials that can be used for your home office or work office, but the item that I found to be quite interesting is the magnetic car signs.

"But why are they so great?", you ask. I'm sure that many of us have seen vehicles on the road promoting their services. They either have the logo of the company or a name and phone number painted on the vehicle, or they have that sticker that you place on the rear window. Don't get me wrong, it's good advertisement, but they cannot be easily removed. With the car magnet, you can adhere it to your vehicle during work hours and simply remove it when it's not the best time. You can upload your own image or create your own design using one of the many templates that are readily available on the site. The magnets are pretty affordable as it is, but because you are all great frineds of mine, I'll hook you up with a 25% discount. Use the promo code CarDoor25 during check out and you're set. Go to today and get yourself a styling car door magnet.

Shipping Charges Suck!

Hey there friends. Our little one has decided that she's not so little so she needs a "big girl bed" instead of her toddler bed. Since she tosses and turns while sleeping, we figured that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get it for her, so we spent some time this weekend looking for a bed for her. My wife is the home decorations manager (god knows I have no sense of fashion or decor. lol) so she was looking for something that would already match what the girls have in the room. Well, the kids used to share a room so we got bunk beds back in the day. Our son has one and our middle child has the other, we figured we can give our little one the other bunk bed since it'll already match the one the girls' room. This meant that instead of getting our little one a bed, we'll be getting one for our son. So as we're browsing, online of course, we come across a few that we like and will match his room decor. The problem? $100 for home delivery!!!! I was like, WHAT!?!?! I'd rather go and drag it home... states that it's not available for "$1.99 shipping" since it's an "oversized" item and it weighs over 150 lbs. just flat out denied me the option to pick it up. We were forced to pay the $90 or so for ground shipping... We didn't get the bed, since we're mulling it over. If I had a truck, I'd be over at Sears and be like, "Load it up, fellas", and be on my way home, WITH NO SHIPPING CHARGES! Oh man... I need a truck.