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The Otaku Box - November 2022

The Otaku Box Items November 2022
Hey there. The November Otaku Box is here!!! Actually... it's been here... I just haven't had a chance to take pics and post. you all know... I sure do love me some anime stuff and I'm just so glad that I get a box of quality otaku goodies each month. This month's goodies include items from awesome anime such as: Date A Live, Overlord, Gate, and Monster Musume. So let's dig into The Otaku Box - November 2022 Edition and get a closer look at what's inside.

Date A Live - Kurumi Tokisaki
Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki Figure

Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki Figure    Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki Figure
Kurumi!!! Oh man... she is arguably the best spirit in Date A Live and, for those that are anime only, Season 4 gave us all a taste to her tragic backstory! I love her character & design (black and red... I mean c'mon, what's not to love!) and the only thing that would have made this figure better is if Kurumi were brandishing her gun. Her weapon is such a huge part of who Kurumi is that showcasing her firearm can only add to the awesomeness of Kurumi!

Gate - Rory Mercury Banner
Gate - Rory Mercury Banner
Another beauty clad in black and red! Rory is an immortal demigod and is well over 600 years old! Though she looks a bit more like a child in the anime, Gate, this fan art shows a more mature look for Rory and she definitely rocks it. Rory is ready to strike with her Halbred (big ass axe) and this banner captures the moment right before she strikes. Love it!

The Otaku Box - Stainless Steel Chopsticks
The Otaku Box Stainless Steel Chopsticks
CHOPSTICKS! These are pretty awesome. I love the design on them, I love that they're stainless steel, and I love that they came in this month's box!!! My kids started arguing over who was going to claim these chopsticks. I had a put a stop to that right away and claim them as MINE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Needless to say, these are simply amazing!

Overlord - Albedo Collectible Coin
Albedo Silver Coin
ALBEDO! Getting all the awesome ladies in this month's box! I'm absolutely loving this silver coin featuring Albedo! This is the fifth coin of the collectible silver coin series it does Albedo well. She has a sophisticated design, which reminds me of Albedo in her black dress from Season 4, and the etch work is crisp. The coin comes off as very sleek and a welcomed addition to the collection.

The Otaku Box - 2023 Calendar
The Otaku Box 2023 Calendar
We're a few days away from ringing in the new year and I'm ready to turn the page to see who, and what, comes next! The best part about this calendar is that it showcases the previous year's fan art. One per month. It's a great way to look back at the great artwork that was featured and because of this, The Otaku Box calendars have always found a home on my desk! 

Monster Musume - Meroune Lorelei Button
Monster Musume Lorelei Button
Even though Meroune Lorelei is known as the, "Tragedy Freak", there's nothing tragic about this Lorelei design. The tub, the steam, the bubbles, her smile... all great aspects that perfectly suit Mero, but it's that smooth gradient transition from her mermaid body to her mid section that really steals the show. It's done extremely well and is a real nice touch that gives the whole bath time vibe together.

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Black Heart Waifu Card (Bonus Item)
Hyperdimension Neptunia Black Heart Waifu Card

Hyperdimension Neptunia Black Heart Waifu Card    Hyperdimension Neptunia Black Heart Waifu Card
I must admit that I don't know much about the Hyperdimension Neptunia games other than the series has been around for more than 10 years. I know that the first game played out more like a visual novel with a touch of RPG elements thrown in during some exploration portions of the game. But some of the designs of the characters really call my attention. Especially, when the designs are very well suited for holographic waifu cards! Just look at how awesome the accents on the gun turrets glimmer in different colors and having her sword as the background is a very nice touch. 

Demon Slayer - Nezuko Car Vinyl Sticker (VIP Item)

Demon Slayer Nezuko Car Vinyl Sticker
C'mon! Who doesn't love a little Nezuko in their Otaku Box goodies? I really like this design and even though this is made for a car window, I'm placing this great sticker on my guitar case! Love it!

The Otaku Box - Food Storage Bags (Free Item)

The Otaku Box Food Storage Bags

Ooooo... practical items!!! Now, I must say... my wife was more excited about these than I was. lol I'm not really sure how these should be used by my wife is plenty excited and that's more than enough for me. Nevertheless, 3 bags to use and I'm pretty glad that the bags give you suggestions as to what can go inside (niku = meat; unagi = eel, toriniku = chicken, yasai = vegetable).

And there you have it, folks. The Otaku Box - November 2022 Edition. Man, I've been really loving some of the stuff I've been getting here. Also, because I am now considered a Legendary Subscriber (being a member for a year or more), I get the Bonus and VIP items in my Otaku Box. If you're an anime fan, make sure to check in next month and see what anime goodies are in the next box.

Lastly, going through the items this month, I'm going to give my favorite item vote to...  Albedo! No, wait... Kurumi! No, hold on... Albedo! Ugh! I love both items and it's really hard to pick one... but if I absolutely have to... I'm going to go with Albedo. I love me some Albedo and I really love the fact that she has made it into the collectible coin series.

So which item is your favorite in this month's box? Let's hear it in the comments, friends!!! Later

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