Monday, December 26, 2022

Picture of the Day - Starting Life in Another World


Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Vol. 1
Hey there. I absolutely love Re:Zero. I am an anime only fan and I finally decided to change that and jump into the light novels to see where the story goes after the anime. My daughter picked up the first volume of Re:Zero for me on my birthday and I cracked it open for the first time this morning. I know... I know... I'm horrible. The thing is that I have been reading manga and books on my phone and it's a difficult to break the habit of reaching for my phone to read. Having to reach out for a book is starting to feel alien to me and I need re-train my brain to pick up a book to read.

I won't go too much into this picture, since I used auto camera settings. The only thing that I really went for was for a slight angled shot that gave the impression that Emilia is slightly leaning forward. I could have done a better job to make to sure to capture the full book in the shot or angle the book to create a more centered look. I really rushed this one and to be quite frank, I simply thought it would be a cool shot to take and share it with you all. Later!

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