Thursday, December 1, 2022

Introducing the Picture of the Day Series

Metallman Hotdog
I love taking pictures! Especially of the goofy variety!
Hey there. I've been on a bit of a sabbatical as of late. I haven't really been posting online, I haven't been active in podcasting, and I haven't been doing any type of writing. But you know what I have been doing?  I've been learning and have been taking pictures. You can see the evolution of some of the pictures that I have taken over the years here on this site, but I've been learning about taking photography to the next level. The majority of the pictures that I've taken before have been on the most basics of settings or on "Auto" mode. You know... of the just point and shoot variety. But I've been reading about Aperture, about ISO settings, about F stop, and about shutter speed. So... in an effort to keep that fire for photography burning, I'm going to start a new series of posts here. I'm going to call it... Picture of the Day. And it's going to be just that... a picture that I have taken that day. It may be mundane... it may be awesome... or it may just be an experimental pic that sucks. Either way... I want to post those pictures here to keep as a catalog that will capture any progress I make. Also, I'll write a little blurb about it. What I thought of the picture. Maybe even post the camera settings just for those that would like to replicate it. So that's enough of an intro... let's get into our first entry of the series!

Kitchen Faucet Dripping
I thought this pic was really cool. I've always wanted to be able capture moving water well and I think I finally found the skill to do it. I took this pic with 1/6000 shutter speed and a 500 ISO setting. Because the shutter speed is so high, the picture came out a little dark. It's was a pretty cloudy day outside so I couldn't get much light in on this pic, but nevertheless, I think it's a great picture. I was able to capture the water as droplets and as a small stream. It's a real cool look at the head of the faucet how the water is a small stream before separating and becoming droplets. Aside from the picture being a bit dark, I'm really happy with this.

So have you been able to capture a cool ass picture of water in motion? What do you think of this picture? Let's hear it in the comments, friends! Later!

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