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The Otaku Box - August 2022

The Otaku Box August 2022
Hey there. The August Otaku Box is here!!! Actually... it's been here... I just haven't had a chance to take pics and post. you all know... I sure do love me some anime stuff and I'm just so glad that I get a box of quality otaku goodies each month. This month's goodies include items from awesome anime such as: Monster Musume, Darling in the Franxx, Kaikyuu, and Nekopara. So let's dig into The Otaku Box - August 2022 Edition and get a closer look at what's inside.

Darling in the Franxx - Zero Two
Zero Two Figure

I've always loved the character of Zero Two in Darling in the Franxx and I am quite excited to see that she is the featured anime figure this month! Considering that this is my very first Zero Two figure, I am very pleased with it. I especially love the metallic accents of her plugsuit. It really makes the outfit pop. Also, the figure displays Zero Two's playfulness by her holding a loli, and displays her seriousness by using that stern expression on her face. Well done!

Nekopara - Coconut Banner
Nekopara - Coconut Banner
I'm glad to see that Nekopara is getting some love in this month's box! The anime is known to be lighthearted, funny, and bit of brainless fun. It's based on eroge visual novels of the same name so you know that the novels can have their fair share of adult themed scenes so I was a bit surprised to see one of the car girls, Coconut, be the featured art on the banner. 

I think this design suits Nekopara and Coconut really well. It's colorful, it's lighthearted, and it gives off a mature vibe that really ramps up in the visual novels. And I think it works because it's Coconut. She's one of the few characters that have the body that would be able to pull off this paid outfit. Great job!

Demon's Trick - Sunglasses Case
Demon's Trick - Sunglasses Case
Now this... I really like. Liz, at The Otaku Box, has been pushing out some original manga, and other goodies, and I'm glad to see that some of that original content is making it's way onto items! This particular item has artwork from Demon's Trick. Now... mind you... I have not read Demon's Trick so I do not much about it... BUT... I will say that I love this artwork and design. I'm a huge fan of the black and red look this sunglasses case fits that mold perfectly. Add an unsettling anime image and this design is near perfect.
The Otaku Box - Pocket Fan
The Otaku Box Fan
Nice and simple! Another practical item to use during those moments when you just need a fresh burst of air. Love it! The only part that I don't love about this is that it is battery powered. And not the built in rechargeable kind. Anything that I can plug and charge will always be good in my book!

Monster Musume - Luggage Tag Set
Monster Musume Luggage Tags
Most of the world has been on travel restrictions and now that most of those restrictions are being lifted, what better way to welcome travel than with these great Monster Musume luggage tags! Lorelei the Mermaid and Miia the Lamia are ready to join you on your travels and they'll bring the smiles no matter where in the world you decide to go.

High School DxD - Yasaka Button
High School DxD Yasaka Button
I don't see Yasaka get enough love so I'm glad to see that she made it on to the fan art button this month. The artist definitely was able to capture her flirtatious side very well in this piece. Also, I glad that that artist went with the look that Yasaka has while under capture. The gold kimono, the hair piece, and the skull adorned pelt all make for a more interesting art piece and the artist incorporated those pieces real well here. Awesome!

Rave Master - Elie Waifu Card (Bonus Item)
Rave Master - Elie Waifu Card

Elie is another character that I am thrilled to see get some attention. From the creator of Fairy Tail, Rave Master was popular in the late 90's and early 2000's and it is arguably one of the best romance manga in the shonen genre. This waify card really shines in portraying Elie's fun, bubbly personality. A great card to add to the collection.

On a side note, I decided to add a few extra pictures of the waifu card to show just how much more awesome the holographic aspect of the card is. Dependent of the light and angle, different parts of the card shimmer and shine. The cool part of the card on the left is that the light is right behind Elie's head, giving her a bit a red red aura around her head with the effect continuing down to her leg . For the one on the right, having the light source be behind Elie made it seem like a sunset and I love how the light outlines her body yet, it illuminates the frilly part of the bikini. 

The Otaku Box has really improved the quality of the Holographic cards. The series first started off as the whole card being holographic, eliminating any definition to the characters displayed on them. But now, having certain aspects of the card holographic, you can get some real nice definition to the art that really makes the cards pop. Just a suggestion... I really hope The Otaku Box goes back and releases the original set of waifu cards with the new and improved quality! 

Haikyuu - Sticker Set (VIP Item)
Haikyuu Sticker Set
Haikyuu is sooooo fitting right now. My youngest son has just taken up volleyball and is currently binging Haikyuu so it was a pleasant surprise to see this sticker pack in this month's box. The kid has already claimed more than a few of them for himself. As long as he leaves the Tsuki ones for me cause smug Tsukki is best Tsukki. lol 

And there you have it, folks. The Otaku Box - August 2022 Edition. Man, I've been really loving some of the stuff I've been getting here. Also, because I am now considered a Legendary Subscriber (being a member for a year or more), I get some extra items in my Otaku Box. If you're an anime fan, make sure to check in next month and see what anime goodies are in the next box.

Going through the items this month, I'm going to give my favorite item vote to the Zero Two Figure. I have plenty of Zero Two stuff but this is my first Zero Two figure and I'm quite happy with the design and overall greatness of this figure.

So which item is your favorite in this month's box? Let's hear it in the comments, friends!!! Later!

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