Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sorry I Have Been MIA

Need to post!  Gotta podcast!  Need to post!  Gotta podcast!
Hey there.  Sorry I've been MIA recently.  I've been so caught up with work and working out that I haven't been able to carve the time to write something up and I feel completely horrible for not writing.  That's a good sign, right?  lol  No worries though.  I'm back.  I'm done with being missing and I need to get back into the swing of things and decided that a quick, "what's up", post will do it.  So what's going down?  Let's find out!

First off, I am on the Nintendo and NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) media distribution lists.  What that means for you guys is that I'll start posting more news and info on awesome collectibles from NECA or news and info on upcoming games and events from Nintendo.  I've been on the lists for quite some time but I'll admit that I haven't been sharing the info as I should be.  I figure, if I tell you guys that I plan on sharing, I'll feel more obligated to follow through with it.  Nintendo has been pretty good to me.  I have a pretty good business relationship with my contact person there and I hope to continue to get stuffs to review.  As for NECA, I'm excited to start a business relationship with them.  Their collectors items are simply awesome!  I already have my eye on the motorized patriot from Bioshock Infinite that should be released in the coming months and it looks freakin' awesome!  I hope that this relationship can grow to the status of that of mine and other companies and maybe I can get some great NECA stuffs to review and/or giveaway.

Also, the Get a Life Podcast has been on hiatus for sometime now.  It's coming back the first week of August.  Brian and I have talked and decided that starting the month of August with a new show would be best.  I miss the hell out of doing the show and I'm sure that Brian feels the same.  For those of you that have questioned me as to when the show will be back, mark your calendars!  A brand new episode WILL go live the first week of August!

I'm also joining the Dragonblogger DragonCast as a full time member starting in August.  I'm pretty excited about that.  Justin, the admin at Dragonblogger, has built himself quite a following over there and it's an honor to play a part in creating something awesome over there.  I even got some pretty awesome business cards from Justin.  The man sure knows how to make his people feel special.  Make sure you guys head on over there to check out the site and take a listen to the Dragonblogger DragonCast from time to time.
I love the design of these business cards!
And lastly, expect more Thoughts On... posts.  I've seen all kinds of movies and shows that I haven't written about and it's killing me that they're not on here.  Believe it or not, some of the more popular posts on this site are not the giveaway posts, it's some of the Thoughts On... posts and I've told myself in the past that I need more of those on here.  Not so much for the hits, but because I feel like I express myself MORE on those types of posts than any other.

So there it is.  That's the game plan for the coming months.  Again, sorry I've been missing.  Though my readership and followers are not through the roof, I do read the comments and messages left on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.  I've taken that feedback and am using it to improve the quality of  Thanks again, friends!  Later!

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