Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NECA to Release a Limited Edition Pack of Splicers from Bioshock 2

Hey there.  If you love Bioshock as much as I do, you'll be excited to know that NECA has released a Limited Edition 2 pack set of Splicers from Bioshock 2!  You can now pick up the Ladysmith Splicer and Crawler Splicer at Amazon for $34.99!  Both figures are 7" and are insanely detailed.  The Crawler Splicer comes with a hook and removable mask while the Ladysmith Splicer comes with a removable mask, a shotgun, a wrench, and a display stand.  They are perfect for the Bioshock fan in your life and the figures are so well made that you swear they took them right out of the game.  Click on the below for a better shot at the detailing.
As with most of NECA's awesome stuff, these will go by fast.  Especially since they are a limited edition set.  Make sure you stop by Amazon and order yours now before it's too late!  Later!

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