Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Trent Dual Port AC Charger Review

Hey there.  I've recently been accepted into the New Trent Beta Tester program.  I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to try out great New Trent products and give out reviews for them.  This is my first review for them so I'm hoping that this is the first of many.  So what was sent my way?  Our good friends at New Trent sent me the New Trent Dual Port AC Charger to try out and review!  Before we get into my experience with the charger, here are some of the specs of the device:
  • 2.1 Amp 10W high-speed charging USB AC wall charger. 
  • Two USB outputs allows you to charge two devices at once. 
  • Rapidly recharge all of your 5V USB devices from a wall socket 
  • Ultra-compact size. 
  • Short circuit and overcharge protection
Now, I know what you guys may be thinking...  it's a charger and there's like a million other chargers out there.  You know what, you're right.  But those other chargers are not like the New Trent Dual Port AC Charger, though.  What I really like about the charger is that it has the short circuit and overcharge protection.  That's a must in today's digital age.  Imaging you charging your devices and a power surge hits.  Just like that, you're devices will be fried and become useless.  With this great dual port charger, you don't have to worry about that.  Not only will it protect from a power surge but it'll make sure that you don't overcharge your devices.  You didn't know that you can overcharge them?  Well, you can.  Some devices will even tell you that you should disconnect the charger to avoid damaging them.  I'm sure that many of us ignore that warning and just tap OK but if you continuously overcharge your device, you can permanently damage it.  The New Trent Dual Port Charger safeguard measures will assure you that won't happen while using the AC charger.  That's not a bad safety net if you ask me.

Now, the AC charger is compact and it fits in small spaces.  It's pretty easy to use to.  You just plug it in to your wall outlet and insert a USB cable that corresponds to the device you wish to charge and you're set to go.  Easy right?  Even though it's small and compact, I did find the design of the charger as a slight annoyance.  The USB ports are located in such a way that the cables stick out away from the wall.  It may not be a problem to many, but it's an issue to me.  You see, my wall outlet is right behind the corner of my couch and I cannot place my couch in front of the charger since it'll bump into the cables.  I would have preferred that the USB ports would stick out to run parallel to the wall.  That way, I can place my couch right up to the charger and it would not interfere with the USB cables.  
I had to move my couch about 6 inches away from the charger
One of the great features about the charger is that both ports do not produce the same amount of charges.  Yup!  One of the ports produces over 5V of power while the other produces under 5V.  This is perfect for those of us that have tablets and cell phones that need charging.  Tablets use more power and their battery drains faster than that of a cell phone.  Also, a tablet needs a little more power to charge it at a reasonable pace.  By using the "high power" USB port on the New Trent AC Charger, you can easily identify the USB cable that will provide the faster charge time for tablets.  Don't get me wrong, you can easily use the high powered port for a cell phone as well, but it's nice to know that if you need a little more power to charge your device, New Trent has your back.  Since I have a tablet and multiple cell phones, I decided to use a white USB cable for high powered charging and standard black cable for cellphones.

My Kindle Fire and cell phone getting a charge
As for charging times, no complaints there.  I used to use this standard wall charger for my Kindle Fire tablet.  It would charge from 0% to 100% in close to 2 hours.  If you're like me, that's just too damn long.  Using the high powered USB port on the New Trent Dual Port AC Charger, the Kindle Fire charged up from 0% to 100% in a little over 30 mins.  That's a HUGE improvement over my old charger.  Even if I used the "standard" powered USB, it charged up to 100% in about 45 mins.  No charger that I know will charge up in a matter of minutes, but I simply cannot complain with the 30 min or so wait time.  The whole family hogs up that Kindle Fire and when that battery drains, impatience can rear it's head and it's great to know that I can get it charged to full power in under an hour.  That's a big plus in my book.

The New Trent Dual Port AC Charger is a compact charger that is definitely Metallman approved!  Aside from the USB ports location, there is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to this AC charger.  And as a bonus, at the time of this post, you can pick up one of these chargers for under $10 at amazon (link below).  New Trent is known for making high quality products for better than expected prices.  If you have multiple devices that need charging, you can't go wrong with this AC charger!  Later!


  1. Cool USB charger, I use a few of them from New Trent but haven't tested this model yet. If you saw my picture of 6 USB devices plugged into a single wall outlet you know how crazy things get with my gadgets.

  2. Yeah! I have quite a few chargers scattered about my place but when I saw your outlet, I thought, "technology OVERLOAD!" lol This is a pretty cool charger. It gives a quick charge and that's really what it's all about now a days.


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