Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NECA to Launch the Predator Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack This Summer

The Predator Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack
Hey there. I love NECA. Their collectible items are some of the best items made on the planet. That's why when NECA decides to release information on a limited edition item, the world listens.  Earlier today, NECA announced that a Predator Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack will be released this Summer!  NECA has some pretty awesome Predator action figures that have already been released, but these Predator skulls have previously been available in various retail and convention exclusives.  Now, these 10 skulls are available for only $17.95 and as a complete set for a limited time only.  And guess what...  They are ready for preorder on Amazon!  Check em out!

Don't miss out on this rare collectible item.  Random skulls were provided when you purchased previous NECA collectibles or bought one at a convention.  If you are a Predator hunter, you'll definitely want to have the complete set to display.  This Predator Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack will ship directly from NECA and they plan on making ONLY 5,000 complete sets.  Just take a look at the skull below.  That thing has some awesome detail on it and considering that this is coming from NECA, these skulls are going to go fast!  Preorder them now before it's too late.  Later!
Just look at that detail!  

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